20 Old Fashioned Side Dish Recipes to Home Cook

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Grandma’s seem to have the best meals at their house. If you are looking for side dishes like your grandma used to make, you might find these items below a perfect fit. I am going to share some classic sides that will give you a little bit of a nostalgic feel and are the perfect old fashioned side dish recipes to enjoy some serious home cooking! No matter where you live you might find a recipe or two that reminds you of your child hood. 

Who knows? One of those may become your family hand me down! Bon Appetite!

Side Dishes Grandma Used To Make

Cold Dishes

  • Southern Potato Salad| Salty Side Dish: A classic style potato salad that your grandma would have made. The mixture of mayonnaise and mustard to create the creamiest potato salad ever.
  • Broccoli Salad| Sugar Spun Run: Crunchy fresh broccoli, cheese, onions, sunflower seeds with the perfect amount of sauce is what this broccoli salad is all about.
  • Classic Italian Pasta Salad| Pretty My Party: One of the first pasta salads I ever tried was like this recipe at a family potluck. This is definitely a classic, but a tasty one at that.
  • Amish Macaroni Salad| Salty Side Dish: This is a unique side that is great for summer barbecues and potluck dinners. It is a classic pasta dish and egg salad all combined into one.
  • Sour Cream Cucumber and Onions| Today’s Creative Life: This is one dish that grandma always knew how to make it the best. The right amount of each ingredient to bring the dish to a perfect flavor combination.
  • Classic Coleslaw| Spaceship and Laser Beams: I am sure we all have seen a bowl or two of coleslaw being served up at our grandmas. This is a very creamy and flavorful coleslaw with those classic flavors we are searching for.
  • Grandmas Pea n Peanut Salad| Huckleberry Life: Mandy grew up eating this delicious salad her grandma makes, and she still makes it today. I am for sure gonna have to whip this up when the sun starts shining.
  • Peas Salad with Onions| Salty Side Dish: This is a super easy dish to make that will bring up what your grandma used to make. Hands down a perfect and delectable side dish.

Casserole Style Sides

  • Broccoli and Rice Casserole| The Kitchen Is My Playground: This is a dish we like to serve regularly. It is so hearty and such a comfort food. You have the mix of rice, creamy cheese, and little bits of broccoli in each bite.
  • Cheese and Bacon Cornbread Casserole| Hello Nature Blog: Perfect to serve up with a warm bowl of chili on a cold winter’s day, or pair with a freshly chilled pasta salad.
  • Southern Broccoli Casserole| Salty Side Dish: This side dish is a classic that most families gobbled up at their grandmas. A creamy base with chunks of hearty broccoli, with a nice crunchy topping. Great for a weeknight side dish or for a holiday feast.
  • Corn Pudding| Salty Side Dish Creamed corn or corn pudding are two items that many can remember eating, I think it just depends what part of the world you live in. This is a really creamy casserole that will bring you back to your roots with each bite.
  • Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes| Unicorns in The Kitchen: Nothing beats a hearty and comforting scoop of scalloped potatoes. This is a great recipe to whip up.
  • Sweet Potato Casserole| Salty Side Dish: You most likely remember a dish like this served at the holidays, but who says that is the only time you need to eat it. Make it anytime of year!


  • Boiled Onions| The Kitchen Is My Playground: Extra tender onions that have been boiled all day in amazing flavors so that each bite can be a reminder of your grandma serving this up at the holidays.
  • Collard Greens Au Gratin| Soulfully Made: This is a staple dish that has been served for decades. Grandma made it, your mom might have made it, and now you!
  • Carrot Raisin Salad| Salty Side Dish: Traditional side dish that offers that freshness from the carrots with a slightly sweet sauce and sweet raisins with each bite.
  • Southern Style Green Beans| Soulfully Made: Nothing beats a good green bean side dish. This is a southern style that has little bits of bacon on top for a slightly salty crunch.
  • Easy Bean Salad| Food Meanderings: This recipe uses canned beans and takes just five minutes to whip up. It is an old school side dish that was served at the holidays and family gatherings throughout the year.
  • Oven Roasted Garlic Potatoes| Penny Pincher Jenny: I think most know a grandma who is pretty amazing at cooking potatoes until they get that perfect amount of golden brown on them, and the flavors are spot on.

old fashioned side dish recipes

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