easy Tater tot 


Let cranberries cool


Smoky, savory BBQ sauce melds with crispy tots for a dish that's finger-lickin' good.

BBQ Bliss with a Tater Twist!

Dive into a delightful no-meat casserole featuring cream of soup and tots. Who knew no meat could be this indulgent and filling?

Vegetarian Tater Tot Casserole Dish


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Top Off Your Tater Tot Hot Dish!

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Sprinkle, dollop, or drizzle these toppings for an extra flavor kick! 1. 🧀 Melted cheddar or pepper jack cheese 2. 🌿 Fresh chopped chives or green onions 3. 🌶️ A dollop of sour cream with a dash of hot sauce 4. 🥓 Crumbled bacon or vegan bacon bits 5. 🥑 Creamy guacamole or sliced avocados 6. 🍅 Fresh salsa or pico de gallo

Rise 'n Shine with Tater Tots!

Breakfast has never been cheesier! Melted cheese, sizzling sausage, and crispy tots await.  Start your morning the tot-tastic way!

Succulent chicken breast meets crispy tater tots for a poultry party in your mouth!  A dish so good, even chickens would approve... okay, maybe not!

Cluckin' Good Chicken Casserole!

Incredible  Casseroles for Familys

Trisha Haas