frito salad


The MVP of football snacks: A bowl of crunchy goodness awaiting its fans! Frito salad, Fritos, corn, onion, pepper, and cheese, is a perfect side salad or dip to munch on while watching the big game!

Touchdown with Frito Salad!

Delicious ingredients will you love!

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Sweet corn Red onion Green bell pepper Colby jack cheese Mayonnaise Hot sauce Frito chips

Teamwork makes the dream work...

All ingredients coming together like they're in a group huddle.

The Ultimate Crunch Decision

One of the reasons this salad makes a perfect party recipe is because there is NO BAKING. The flavors come together so quick - replenish away!

Crunchy, colorful, and waiting for YOU! Head over now for this free recipe - print it or follow along with all the best tips to make this the hit of the party this fall season!