Getting ready for the holiday season? Create the perfect Halloween Appetizer menu with these 5 creative and delicious Halloween recipes.  Perfect for parties, whipping up these recipes is easy with our step by step instructions (just scroll up for any of them).  Mummy Poppers Halloween Dogs Puppy Chow Spooky Stuffed Mushrooms Mozzarella Eyeballs SCROLL FOR EACH RECIPE


Puppy Chow is one of those fun holiday recipes that can be customized so easily! Once you learn how to create this awesome Halloween recipe, its a great mix to munch on all day and all season long. See our TOP RECIPE by scrolling up!

Spooky Puppy Chow

The next holiday Halloween Appetizer recipe in our list are these delicious eyeballs!  Starting with a fresh mozzarella ball, each finger bite is loaded up with sauce and a little olive, making it taste like a pizza bite. Get started by scrolling up.

Mozzarella Eyeballs

Stuffed Mushrooms are a staple when it comes to a party, and these little stuffed mushrooms are no exception. You won't believe how easy it is to build adorable mummy bites!

Mummy Mushrooms

Great for Halloween night, get the kids excited at dinner time! These hot dog mummy dogs are easy to make wrapped with crescent rolls and little mustard eyes. See our top tips for making the mummies come out as perfection!

Mummy Dogs

Cheesy with just the right amount of spice, add these Jalapeno Mummy Poppers to your Halloween appetizer list. Delicious, fun, and adorably cute, this step-by-step recipe is free and located below by scrolling up!

Mummy Poppers