cocoa bombs

Easy red and green swirls with a burst of marshmallows create a Christmas Hot Chocolate bomb that is perfect to usher in the winter season. Let’s get started on one of the season’s most fun recipes together!

Christmas Bombs

01 Melt down red and green candy melts.

02 Drizzle colors into silicone molds.

03 Freeze to set and then carefully pop out.

04 Fill semi-circles with cocoa powder & m&ms.

05 Seal edges and form full ball. Set chocoalte.

06 Drop chocolate ball into mug of warm milk and enjoy!

Yeast Package
Flour Bag
Flour Bowl

Semi-Circle Molds


Have a variety of semi-circle silicone chocolate molds available. You can purchase a perfect size at our amazon link below (affiliate).

Melt candy Melts


Melt down multi-color red and green candy melts and squeeze into molds.

Swirl chocolate


It's super easy to swirl red and green melting candy to create a beautiful holiday pattern. A butter knife works great.

Carefully remove


Carefully remove chocolate semi circles and set aside. Make sure kitchen isn't hot from an oven or they could soften or melt.

Fill the inside!


Using easily meltable candies like M&Ms, fill the inside of the candy molds before sealing each half. Marshmallows, cocoa powder are also great fits!

Finish all balls.


– Let Christmas Chocolate Bombs stand at room temperature to harden or place in the freezer to quickly set.

Drop into hot milk!


Adding cocoa balls to hot milk is the best part! They burst with cocoa powder, marshmallows and candy for a super fun and easy holiday experiance.

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