Mac & Cheese for single serve!


Mac and Cheese in a mug and a microwave is a super simple way to enjoy fresh and homemade macaroni and cheese in a single serving. There is a reason that this mac n cheese in a mug became so famous as a food trend is because it’s easy AND tasty! Get the full recipe below and make your own today!

So easy to make real mac and cheese, single-serve, for a homemade lunch. Perfect for kids too!"

Mug Mac

01 Add pasta to a microwave safe mug.

02 Add water.

03 Microwave till soft and tender.

04 Add milk.

05 Add shredded cheeses.

06 Finish melting. Enjoy!

Yeast Package
Flour Bag
Flour Bowl

Can I use pasta shells or macaroni noodles over rotini?

 Absolutely! Any smaller type pasta shells or macaroni elbows work great and they all grab cheese differently. You may just need to adjust the timing and water until your shells are fully cooked and al dente.

How do you make a cup of macaroni and cheese better?

Try altering for richer cheeses like gouda and white cheddar, adding more butter, a bit of minced garlic goes a long way and substituting whole cream over milk.

Is microwave mac and cheese healthy? 

 I think the argument that many foods that include pasta are not considered healthy – but any time you make things fresh with real cheese, dairy, and pasta, it's way better than overly preserved boxed macaroni.