Green Bean Recipes!

Perfect for Thanksgiving

{Perfectly seasoned, fresh green beans and bacon are easily whipped up in a cast iron pan and make a delicious side dish that goes well with nearly all holiday menus.

#5:Southern Style

These southern-style green beans give you a crispy fresh green bean mouthwatering side dish.  – 1 lb. fresh green beans – 1 cup chicken broth – 1/2 teaspoon salt – 1/2 teaspoon pepper Full recipe by clicking below!

Garlic Bacon  Green Beans


#4: Green Beans and New Potatoes

Green beans, chunks of ham and baby potatoes are such a fantastic winter side! You will love this green been recipe for Thanksgiving.

One of the hardest parts of Thanksgiving meals is balancing out the timing!  Using a crockpot helps with that. Adding many meals into a slow cooker, leaves the oven open for the more important dishes like turkey and rolls.  See below this crockpot green bean and potato dish that is a true set it and forget it meal.

Crockpot Friendly Recipe


#3: Cold Green Bean Salad

One of my very favorite holiday recipes, this unique, rich, and VERY flavorful cold salad is widely tasty.

This dish has walnuts and feta too!

#2: Pressure Cooked Green Beans and Bacon

Another no oven dish, its just as easy to pressure cook beans and bacon in a Ninja Foodi for full flavor and QUICK  side dish options.

#1 Green Bean Casserole from Scratch!

Skip the cans for a full flavored and homemade green bean casserole FROM SCRATCH. My very favorite green bean casserole recipe ever!

I have nothing against the cream of mushroom soup with canned green beans, but there is something incredibly special about a truly homemade green bean casserole side dish.  This recipe is a keeper!

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