Sweet Potato  Recipes!

Perfect for Thanksgiving

Why settle for one potato when you can mix up two! The savory baked potato combined with the sweetness of a sweet potato is divine, unique, and perfect for a change to the holiday menu!

#5: Mash Mix-Up

Twirly whirly potatoes are gorgeous on the plate and are so easy to make as a potato side dish this holiday.  – Russet or Yukon potatoessweet potatoesmilkbutterbrown sugarsaltnutmegpepperhalf and half

Married Mash Sweet Potato Blend


#4: Stove Top  Sweet Potatoes

No need for an oven to whip up these melty brown sugar butted sweet potatoes in bite sized pieces. Highly rated recipe!

Nothing pairs more deliciously with sweet potatoes than a scoop of brown sugar. This holiday-friendly and widely used recipe is one of Thanksgiving's most well -known ways to enjoy the sweet potato.  The best part is NO OVEN is needed, keeping it ready when the turkey is.

Candied Sweet Potatoes


#3: Hasselback  Sweet Potatoes

Stuffed with pecans, Hassleback sweet potatoes is one way to enjoy a full sweet potato without the casserole! Smother with butter and brown sugar and dive in!

Don't Cut all the Way through or you will lose your fillings. 

#2: Marshmallow  Madness

This traditional sweet potato casserole is FULL of the best stuff. Layered in ooey gooey marshmallows, this is one of the top-rated sweet potato casserole recipes ever!

#1 CROCKPOT Sweet Potato Casserole

There is no doubt the crock pot reigns over Thanksgiving season. Set it and forget it, slow cooking keeps your side dish warm and melty.

Absolutely delicious, this slow cooked sweet potato casserole contains all the right things.  Perfect bite-sized pieces of sweet potatoes, marshmallows, and brown sugar, this highly rated recipe will be the HIT of your Thanksgiving holiday menu.  Easy printable recipe too!

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