Easy Cranberry Dip

Easy Cream Cheese Cranberry dip is made with preserves and pecan pieces to balance this tangy and sweet INCREDIBLE recipe.

Cream Cheese Dips are so Loved!

The holidays are around the corner, and what better way to bring in the spirit than with the perfect starter?  Our creamy cranberry dip with cream cheese not only adds a vibrant, colorful touch to your festive table but also an exquisite balance of sweet and tangy flavors that your guests will absolutely adore! 

Thanksgiving Special: Creamy Cranberry Dip with Cream Cheese

Pecan Crunch!

Fresh Cranberries and Preserves!

Fresh cranberries combined with preserves (and a few other delicious ingredients) make this dip SO good. Mix up the flavors each time with different preserve choices.

Pour over Cream Cheese

This cranberry mixture goes best over cream cheese or whipped feta!

Whether you're slathering it on a freshly toasted baguette, dipping it in crunchy veggies, or using it as a sweet and savory sandwich spread, it's a dip that can be enjoyed in so many ways.  *Crackers *Pretzels *Veggie sticks *Ritz Crackers *Torn Bread

Dip Pairings


Dip Recipe!

Get our other favorite holiday dip recipe - marshmallow fruit dip!

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