The time is almost here for homemade love! This perfect Valentine's Day Recipe is pretty in pink and a great holiday dessert.  Strawberries and cream is not only romantic but DELICIOUS!

Pink Poke Cake

01 Make the strawberry cake.

02 Cool and poke holes.

03 Pour in condensed milk.

04 Top with strawberries and juice.

05 Add whipped cream.

06 Serve!

Yeast Package
Flour Bag
Flour Bowl

Strawberry Cake Mix

Any kind of cake mix will work well but Strawberry is not only the right color but the boldest flavor. Perfect for a Valentine's Day Dessert Recipe!

Decorate with Cool Whip

Frozen not fresh strawberries are soft and contain tons of juice for this poke cake topping. No Jello needed!

Freeze Leftover cake!

HOW TO FREEZE A POKE CAKE. If you want to freeze any cake leftovers, follow the method I use for most bread recipes. 1. Cool the cake completely. There cannot be any heat left, so be patient until you have a chilled cake. 2. Wrap in plastic wrap twice and then wrap one more time in aluminum foil. 3. Add cake to an airtight container or freezer bag, label, and place in the freezer for up to 2 months.

Easy Topping Ideas

Other than strawberries and whipped cream, try chocolate drizzle, caramel sauce, strawberry sauce or crushed cookies. 

Easy no bake holiday desserts

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