Thanksgiving Sweet Potatoes!

Using a slow cooker or crock pot to make Sweet Potato Casserole is an incredible way to keep the oven clear for turkey! Plus, it helps keep the marshmallows melty and warm.

Thanksgiving Crock Pot Side Dish!

Simple Ingredients

sweet potatoes  light brown sugar butter pumpkin pie spice vanilla salt mini marshmallows pecans

Slow Cooked To Perfection!

Sweet Potato casserole is an old fashioned recipe like grandma used to make! However, this classic recipe gets a redo in the crock pot making it one of the easiest and simplest preps ever.

Thanksgiving Sweet Potatoes!

The marshmallows, brown sugar, and cinnamon have that classic taste, and paired with tender soft sweet potatoes is a "MORE PLEASE" dish! We have a TOP recipe for it too!

Toppings Can Include

Pecans Marshmallows Streusel Maple Syrup

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Trisha Haas