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Sausage Hashbrown Breakfast Casserole

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Sausage Hashbrown Breakfast Casserole is a filling, hearty and delicious way to start off your morning! Once you taste the combined flavors of this awesome morning bake, you will never want to skip breakfast again! This easy to make recipe can easily be prepared the night before and is perfect to enjoy on holiday mornings.

Plus, this sausage casserole recipe easily feeds 12 and I have a list of substitutions at the bottom in case you are missing an ingredient or want to change it up. Let’s bake!

Sausage Hashbrown Breakfast Casserole recipe in a glass dish with melted cheese from salty side dish

Sausage Hashbrown Breakfast Casserole

The other morning my good friend Mackenzie and I got together to make our Tuesday morning recipes. She was adamant about her “moms sausage hash brown breakfast casserole” so we decided to whip that and cinnamon roll french toast casserole together and have a delicious morning. I have to say – this breakfast casserole is AMAZING.

It was super simple to put together, with a layer of potatoes, melty cheese, hearty eggs, and the right amount of sausage for protein.

Savory, for those that don’t always love a sweet morning option, and incredibly filling. 

Scroll to the bottom for a printable version of this post, including all measurements and instructions, so you can follow along in your kitchen without being on your phone. 

Here is what ingredients you need to gather to get started: 

  • eggs
  • pork sausage (jimmy dean) or turkey sausage
  • heavy cream
  • frozen shredded hash browns – that are thawed out
  • cheddar cheese
  • salt
  • black pepper
  • garlic powder

brown pork sausage in skillet and then whisk up eggs and cream in a bowl

Casserole Substitutions

Now one of the amazing things about Mom’s Sausage Breakfast Casserole is that you can really alter the layers quite simply. You can change pork sausage to turkey sausage, change frozen hash browns to tater tots, and even alter the cheese (although Cheddar is my favorite personally). 

This hash brown casserole is also great with ham, adding bits of bacon and even bears the weight of changing cream to milk if needed. 

Hash browns >>>> Tater Tot Breakfast Casserole

Cheddar Cheese>>>> Any Cheese

Heavy Cream>>>> Milk

Pork Sausage>>>> Ham, Bacon, Turkey Sausage, Italian Sausage

What can you eat with Sausage Casserole?

This is such a savory dish, that having something sweet like Cinnamon Roll French Toast Casserole or warm Southern Fried Apples is a great choice.

How long can you keep Sausage Casserole in the Fridge?

If you are around here long, I say the same thing every time – I do not do leftovers. Its probably something from my child hood but not a huge fan. In any case, because this has a meat products, I wouldn’t keep for more than a day or two. 

Can you prep Sausage Breakfast Casserole Overnight?


If you need a great Christmas casserole or thanksgiving morning casserole, this a perfect one to prep the night before and be ready to just pop in the oven without the mess of all the dishes. You can prep this with layering the ingredients, topping with foil, and putting in fridge overnight. 

Frozen Hashbrowns

I buy the frozen bag of hash browns from the store, but thaw them prior to assembly.

I simply leave them in the fridge after I get home from the store so they are thawed when I make the casserole.

In some stores, you can simply buy thawed hash browns *typically near the eggs* but there are very few brands that come already thawed out and can be hard to find.

layer hash browns, sausage, eggs, and cheese in casserole dish

Other good holiday morning breakfast recipes are : Fried Breakfast Potatoes, Orange Bread with glaze, Blueberry Donuts, or Blueberry Bread.

You can also find my recipes listed above for Skillet Cinnamon Apples and French Toast Casserole Bake.

Full detailed recipe on how to make breakfast sausage casserole in the recipe card (you can print too) plus video in this post if you look for it.

How to Make Sausage Hashbrown Breakfast Casserole

Lightly butter or grease 9×13 baking dish. Preheat oven to 375.

Brown sausage in skillet, over medium heat, breaking into small pieces.

Drain grease.

Whisk eggs, cream and spices together.

Layer ingredients in a casserole dish.

Thawed hash browns first, cooked sausage, layer of cheese and egg mixture dumped on top. 

Cover casserole with foil.

Bake at 375 for 40 minutes.

Remove foil and bake for another 20 minutes or until center is set.

serve your sausage casserole with a spatula and while hot


4.85 from 1763 votes

Sausage Hashbrown Breakfast Casserole

Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 5 minutes
Sausage Hashbrown Breakfast Casserole is a filling, hearty and delicious way to start off your morning! Once you taste the combined flavors of this awesome morning bake, you will never want to skip breakfast again! This easy to make recipe can easily be prepared the night before and is perfect to enjoy on holiday mornings. Make with pork sausage, ham, turkey sausage, bacon or even beef.


  • 8 eggs
  • 1 pound pork sausage jimmy dean
  • 1 1/2 cups whole milk or heavy cream
  • 1 package 30 oz bag frozen shredded hash browns thawed out
  • 2 cups cheddar cheese
  • 1 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp black pepper
  • 1/4 tsp garlic powder


  • Preheat oven to 375 and spray 9 x 13 pan with non stick cooking spray.
  • Brown pork sausage (or cook your meat if you use a different kind) in skillet, over medium heat, breaking into small pieces. Drain grease and set aside.
  • Whisk eggs, heavy cream and all spices together. 
  • Layer ingredients in a casserole dish. Start with adding your thawed hash browns, precooked sausage, layer of cheese, and then pour on whisked egg mixture.
  • Cover with foil. 
  • Bake for 40 minutes, remove foil, and then bake for another 20.
  • Serve your Sausage Hashbrown Breakfast Casserole with Franks Hot Sauce or Chunky Salsa



MAKE AHEAD: Can be prepped night before to make popping in oven easy morning of
  • Hashbrowns >>>> Tater Tots
  • Cheddar Cheese>>>> Any Cheese
  • Heavy Cream>>>> Milk
  • Pork Sausage>>>> Ham, Bacon, Turkey Sausage, Italian Sausage


Serving: 1 | Calories: 293kcal | Carbohydrates: 4g | Protein: 17g | Fat: 23g | Saturated Fat: 9g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 12g | Cholesterol: 183mg | Sodium: 818mg | Sugar: 2g

Nutritional Disclaimer: The nutritional data provided here is auto-calculated and intended for your convenience only. As it’s generated via automation, its accuracy may be compromised. For precise nutritional insight, please compute the values utilizing the actual ingredients in your recipe through your chosen nutrition calculator or application.

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4.85 from 1763 votes
Sausage Hashbrown Breakfast Casserole | Easy casserole bake that can be prepped overnight and perfect for busy holiday mornings #sausage #eggs #hashbrowns #christmasmorning #breakfastrecipe

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  1. What size Hashbrowns did you use?

    1. Tammy, I have no idea how I didnt note that in the recipe. I think in my area we have literally like one size, so I didnt even think. Thank you for asking! We used the regular 30 oz bag. I was able to pull the video and pictures I did this day and I had a picture of the bag. I am going to update the recipe, thank you!!

    2. Teresa Dekle says:

      I made this for dinner tonight. I used tatertots because it was what I had on hand. I added onion power, garlic salt, ground mustard and red pepper flakes. My son said it needs more egg. Will add a couple more eggs next time. It was wonderful!

    3. I used a 24oz bag of hash browns and I would add 3 more eggs and diffintly add onions and peppers

    4. Family size I can’t wait to try this out it looks great

  2. My recipe is almost identical, except that I add diced red and green pepper for a little Christmas color.

    1. I love that idea! Thank you so much Susan. I hope that tips help a few and if I remake it soon, Ill add that on top and share a picture to inspire others.

  3. Has anyone tried this without milk/cream due to dietary restrictions?

    1. Hi Traci, Unfortunately I do not have a diary free version, but it *might* be ok to use half a dairy free milk and melted down butter in place of full dairy. I havent done but I wouldnt be afraid to try!

    2. Could use almond milk

    3. Thanks for the suggestion!

    4. Butter is dairy so don’t do that! Use almond or soy milk and it should be good! Silk also now has substitute half & half you could also use.

    5. I think that lactose free milk Might be worth a try.

    6. I have replaced milk/cream with butter. Use approx 1stick of butter. I also add 2 – 4oz of cream cheese softened. It turns out just as delicious.

    7. I have a child that is dairy free…..so I use almond milk and the imitation dairy free no cholesterol egg substitute with the Daiya dairy free cheese. I add a tad bit more spices and it comes out beautiful and tasty!!!!

    8. Try it with almond milk.

    9. I use non-dairy coffeemate creamer due to my daughters milk allergy. Its creamy and cooks well

    10. We tolerate grass fed butter since most of the lactose has been removed (but we don’t have a true dairy allergy so if you do that won’t work.) I would think cashew or almond milk would work. In general would love to see more gluten and dairy free clean eating recipes!!

  4. How many ounces of Tater Totis?

    1. I use hashbrowns and its a 30 oz bag on the bottom. If you want to do tater tots, just make sure they are thawed and they cover the bottom of your casserole dish, so about a 30oz bag if the have it.

  5. If making it the night before, would you recommend bringing it to room temp before putting it in the oven? Or could I just put it straight in the oven and maybe cook it a little longer?

    1. Hi erin! You do not need to bring it to room temperature. The casserole should be done in 45-55 minutes, just pull when the center is set.

  6. Do the hash browns get crispy? Thanks!

    1. Hi Jody,

      no these are not fried hash browns, they act as a potato base, but to get hashbrowns (or any potatoes) crispy, they have to be fried. Its still very good!

  7. Could an egg substitute be used in place of eggs!?!? I have a carton left over from another recipe and don’t want to see it go to waste!

    1. Erica, truthfully I have never eaten egg substitute, so I do not know how it cooks. I dont imagine it would pose a problem considering the entire point of it is to substitute eggs, but without doing it, I cant tell you for sure.

  8. The directions say to whisk the cheese into the egg mixture. Then further down says to layer the cheese after the egg mixture. The video shows the cheese layered on top of the sausage, then the egg mixture poured over the top. Which is your preferred method?

    1. May, I am so sorry, I made two casseroles this day and one I had mixed the cheese in prior to dumping in the dish and this one I layered, so my brain was not cooperating with my fingers.

      In this sausage egg casserole, layer it with thawed hash browns, cooked sausage, cheese, and then egg mixture. You can really control where the cheese goes to layer it this way.

      I have updated the article to prevent any confusion.

      (That being said, if someone did make it and mixed the cheese in with the egg, it wouldn’t change the taste)

      I emailed you as well.

  9. I have been making this casserole for many years. I use a breakfast sausage without MSG (Smithfield). I have also doubled the recipe using a pound of hot mixed with a pound of mild which is yummy.

    1. Karen, that does sound amazing! Ill have to try it your way with some spicy sausage too. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment here on my little blog.


  10. Wow! So yummy. My mom found this recipe ad I just made it for my family for Christmas breakfast and everyone loved it! Flavorful and everyone went back for sendonds (and thirds).

    1. seconds* haha

    2. Ania, thank you for taking the time to come back to review this recipe! I am so happy your family loved the sausage breakfast casserole! Its a favorite of ours too.


  11. This sounds great but my family is small and this would make about a week’s worth of food. Can the recipe be halved?
    Thanks, Juls

    1. Hi Juls! Yes, you could very easily half this recipe! (of course, even with it halved, you may want to add a little extra meat and not cut that out as much). The cooking time would likely need to be adjusted since the center will set quicker, my guess is 30 minutes but you would need to make sure everything is cooked and set. I havent actually halved it before but there is no indication it would be an issue at all. Its a straight forward recipe.

  12. Lam trying this to night . Going to add some bacon in it too . A 30 ounce bag of hash brown is a lot for 3 people .

    1. Hi Debbie, yes that is a lot for 3. This recipe serves 12, but you could try a smaller version. 🙂

    2. Judy. Henderson says:

      Freeze it .. I cut it into single servings freeze it.. get out of freeze the night before or get it out that morning Micro it. Still excellent

  13. Lori Focht says:

    Is there any way to heat this up as leftovers? Lori

    1. Hi Lori, If I am being honest we have never had leftovers. I would have to make it again and do a test on it before I recommend a specific route to go.

    2. Making tonight. Any time I’ve ever made a breakfast casserole, I just heat up each serving on a plate in the microwave. Tastes just as good as fresh if not better since the flavors marinate. Can’t wait for dinner. I could eat this for any meal, any time of day! 🙂

  14. Tried this recipe this morning and it was good! Have you ever tried seasoning and sautéing the hash browns first before adding them to the casserole?

    1. I actually havent but I have been thinking the same thing myself. My only concern was that the egg would soften the hashbrowns and after all the time to cook them up would be annoying. I will try in the future!

    2. I made this dish again this morning and I sautéed the hash browns in some butter and seasoned them with garlic, salt and pepper. After putting the hash browns in the casserole dish, I added an extra layer of cheese before adding the meat. OMG!! It came out soooo good.

    3. That sounds SOOOOOOOOO good too!! Glad you tried it with more fried up hashbrowns. I will give it a shot myself!

  15. Ellen Brown says:

    I had to use a deep 9 x12 casserole dish to hold all of it. I think next time I will use about one half of the .30 oz hash browns.

    1. Ellen, thanks for your feedback. To be honest I have never thought about the depth of my casserole dishes, so great observation.

  16. I-19-2020. I made this casserole tonight. I put onions and green peppers in my hash browns. It was delicious. My family loved it .We like to have breakfast at night a lot ..Thankx for a good easy recipe.

    1. Kathy, I love the additions of adding onions and green peppers! I am also a big fan of breakfast for dinner, takes all the work out of the evening and is SO good. Thanks for coming back with a review!!

      – Trisha

  17. I’ve made a similar one before and put in can 2 cans of Rotel diced tomatoes and No milk which dilutes the eggs taste, and plan to try it with Hash Browns, but I like my Hash Browns very crispy, so will try putting them in pan first, baking for a while to get crispy, then add all the other ingredients and bake again.

    1. I love the idea of rotel tomatoes!

    2. Fawn Munos says:

      Sounds great! How did it turn out?

  18. Can this be made in an aluminum pan and would you adjust baking time? I usually use glass but need to prepare in a disposable container. Thanks!

    1. Alisa, this is a great question and I have never cooked this recipe in a disposable container. That being said, typically aluminum pans do not change the timing on a recipe but you do have to watch for the weight of it crumbling when you take it out. I would feel OK doing this one in a disposable pan and just start checking for done-ness near the end of the time.

  19. I Use Southwestern style hash browns. It gives it a little spicy flavor.

    1. That sounds great!! Ill have to try it with the southwestern style next time!

  20. Do you this this would be able to freeze well? Have company coming and I’m trying to get ahead of the game.

    1. To be honest, I have never premade it and then froze it, but you can seal it in the fridge. The only thing that would alarm me on freezing is the egg mixture – I dont know how that would unfreeze properly before you went to the oven.

    2. I am the (1) of my household. I make this casserole and cut into serving sizes, wrap individual. Put a square in my air fryer and I have a delicious breakfast.

    3. Awesome, thank you for piping in and letting everyone know!

  21. Deborah Kloster says:

    I added a couple splashes of Tabasco! Great recipe!

    1. Yum, Tabasco is so good too! I bet that was a fantastic addition.

  22. Have you ever added spinach?

    1. hi Cathy, I havent but that sounds divine! Maybe try some frozen spinach- defrost it and drain any excess water and mix in as a layer?

  23. Excellent!! I cut the recipe in half (used 8×8 inch pan) and baked for 55 minutes. I also added onions and peppers.

    1. Thank you for your review, Rose! Great additions!!

    2. Hey Rose! When you added the peppers and onions, did you cook the before hand or how did you mix them into the casserole? I would also like to try adding them!

  24. Have you tried splitting this in half to make in a 9×9 pan? If yes, what temperature and how long do you recommend to bake?

    1. Kristi, Normally when I make this dish, its for a crowd, so I have never split it. I dont think it would cause an issue but I would cut the timing back by 15 minutes and just check to see if its done. It shouldnt be that hard to halve it. Ill have to make note to do that in the future and update the post. Thank you for the suggestion.

  25. Hard to believe there are only 4 carbs in this per serving. Makes it a win for me!

    1. The carb levels are automatically counted by the recipe software based on serving size – but we all know about serving size, so make sure you calculate in your own apps too to be 100% sure.

  26. Linda Broughman says:

    Great recipe! I made this for our family at the beach last week…it was a hit! Love recipes that feed a large group!

  27. I have made this casserole 3 times , my boys love it. They are meat and potatoes men, it’s hearty delicious and very filling. I added mushrooms and onions to the meat and it was awesome.

    1. Thank you! I am so happy that you love it! ~Trisha

  28. Gary Dorn says:

    I’m going to make this but I’m also adding some chopped Hatch green chile to it, about 1 cup should do the trick.

  29. Sounds delish….. Wondering if there is a substitute for the hash browns? Have you tried cauliflower rice? Just trying to reduce the carbs.

    1. That would be super interesting to try and ill give it a shot soon. I havent done that but it might be a fun, lower carb idea. Ill put it on my recipe agenda to test for October!

    2. Hey there! Amazing recipe!! I used the dried hashbrowns by Hungry Jack that you add hot water and let sit! They come in a small cardboard carton. I added frozen peppers onions while they “undried” which flavored up well. It came out amazing! Thank you for sharing an amazing recipe!! Another easy breakfast/meal in our household!!!!

  30. We first had the casserole in early March of 2020 just when the Covid quarantine was starting. We’ve had it several times since and loved it every time! It’s on my permanent rotation list. Thanks for sharing this tecipe!

    1. Thats awesome! We just had some ourselves last week, but I used tater tots instead. 🙂

  31. This was so good we made it for a football brunch! It was a huge hit!
    Thank you

    1. Great idea on football!!

  32. Ellen Moats says:

    We all love this casserole so much! The last time I made it, I used cauliflower instead of hash browns for a veto version. It came out really good. I also have made it with waffle fries. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe!!! You rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Ellen Moats says:

      Kept, I hate autocorrect!!!

  33. My daughter is a culinary program for school and is in the meat program. She’s been bringing home sausage, bacon, and andouille sausage that she’s made and I had some in my fridge I needed to use up. So I put all 3 meats into the dish. I added 3 extra eggs and a bit more cream, and extra cheese because of this. It was beyond good! I ate it with salsa and sour cream and I was in heaven! It was spicy because of the andouille sausage and sooo full of flavor. This is a keeper for sure! I will be making this again!

  34. I would like to try to make this in my 9×13 casserole crock poy. How long would you suggest cooking on high or low.

    1. If you cook on low, you will need likely around 6 -7 hours and high about 3. The difference is to use FROZEN hashbrowns over defrosted hash browns to help prevent the hashbrowns from cooking too fast.

      Let me add that so far I haven’t perfected this exact recipe a slow cooker hash brown breakfast casserole, which is why I dont have one on my site yet. I find that hashbrowns can burn around the edges in the time it takes to cook the full casserole. That wont bother some people but it will bother others, so I just wanted to make note. Also, one more thing, I would probably use the hash brown cubes over the shreds for a bit of texture if I put it in crock pot.

      I still recommend this one oven based to know its going to be great. I will keep working on the varying versions for everyone!

  35. What happens if the hash browns aren’t thawed out first?

    1. They will still cook but it might have some excess water in the bottom depending on how much is in the hash browns. Thawed hashrbows allow you to drain any water. I dont think its a HUGE deal, its more precautionary.

  36. I was wanting to make this one morning and my husband cook it the next. Do you think that would work okay? Or would that be too long sitting in the fridge?

    1. You shouldnt have any problem making ahead and then baking. I would just say if you have the opportunity to pull out of fridge about 30 min before baking, it will help with timing. Going from the super cold fridge to cooking can take longer since its no longer closer to room temp. But as far as the ingredients, you can easily make the night before and then continue on.

    2. MariaElena says:

      When you make ahead, do you just mix the ingredients and leave it in fridge or do you fully bake it and then reheat it?
      Also, when making 2 9×13 glass baking pans- is time adjusted? Thanks. I will be trying this for the first time tomorrow morning and would love to leave it all prepped tonight.

  37. Sounds wonderful!! Can you make and cook then freeze?? Large group and don’t want to make while they are here so get it done a week or two ahead….. Thanks!!!

    1. You can freeze breakfast casserole, but you will want to thaw in the fridge prior to cooking. Do not add it straight to oven frozen. Usually its best to thaw overnight, then proceed to next day baking. One thing I always try to let people know is that when you go from a SUPER COLD fridge to a really hot oven it can change the baking time, so allow for some extra time so your casserole can get up to temp before it starts properly baking.

  38. Would you tell me if you could use egg whites for this recipe. Several people in my family have egg yolk intolerance.

    1. This is the first time I have gotten this question. I am really intrigued byt he idea of egg whites over an egg but truthfully I do not know the answer! I would think if you substituted egg whites for full eggs, you would need more egg whites. Its about 1/4th cup egg whites to 1 egg. I havent done it so I cant say for SURE it would taste the same, but I dont see how it would be awful either…. Ill see if I can reroute this recipe in the future to an egg white version!

  39. We love this casserole! Quick, easy and delicious! It’s good with diced green peppers in it too. I did cut the salt in half because it was a little too salty for us. But it’s so good, it’s on my permanent rotation list!

    1. Really love your changes and the green peppers bring in some pretty color too!


  40. This will be my third year making this for breakfast Christmas morning. My son requests it, so it’s definitely a keeper!

    1. Ann, this is such a nice comment. Merry Christmas to you and your family this year!


  41. When you make the night before you don’t cook anything, right? Just assemble? And if I made the night before and then took it to family’s house 45 mins away before cooking so you think that would be ok? Cant wait to make it!!

    1. You need to cook the sausage before you add assemble. Do not add that raw.

  42. Christina says:

    Wondering about using fresh potatoes Instead of the hash browns. Any thoughts?

    1. I am editing this – I did a little research and frozen hashbrowns have been parboiled, so precooked. Shredded potatoes would be uncooked, so you would still need to cook them first.

  43. This was so yummy. I used the sage flavored Jimmy Dean sausage. Yum!

    1. I have made this for years and it’s always a huge hit! My original recipe, wherever it came from called for 16 oz of small curd cottage cheese instead of milk or cream so I have always used that. I hate cottage cheese normally so none of the texture is left after baking at all! I make these for neighbors for Christmas. I just cook a bunch of sausage ahead of time then throw these together Christmas Eve and deliver. They are always loved, especially those with little ones that get up in the wee hours. Just pop it in and it’s done in an hour!

  44. Becky McGuire says:

    I have tried many casseroles for Christmas morning. I have mostly used crock pot recipes. I will never use them again. I used this recipe this year and even my picky husband loved it. Thanks I can stop searching.

    1. Hi Becky! I am so happy that this was the perfect recipe for your husband! Mine isnt picky but my kids are, so I always celebrate the wins. Happy New Years!

  45. Sheila G Flanagan says:

    OMG this was delicious! Prepped overnight, refrigerated, and only kept on counter while oven preheated. I made half the recipe, no extra eggs, just extra cheese and baked 30 min with foil and 5 without. Burnt my tongue cause I couldn’t wait it looked so good. Hashbrowns crisped up around the edges of glass baking dish. My new go to overnight breakfast!

    1. Yay! Thank you!!! So happy you enjoyed this breakfast casserole!

  46. Emma Rose Bankson says:

    I read some comments about crisping the hash browns. You can add some on top as well. Put some butter and seasonings on them. At the end broil and add some cheese on top 🙂

  47. jeremy thompson says:

    the amount of liquid/egg is way off. it was a huge mess having to dump everything out of the casserole dish into a big bowl to get all the potatoes covered in the egg mixture then dump it back into the casserole dish!

    1. The recipe is correct. My guess is your casserole dish was too small and it didn’t spread properly, but mixing the egg in the hashbrowns should never have happened. Unfortunately there is no way for me to know where the process went wrong for you because this honestly the first time I have ever had anyone leave this comment. I am not even sure where to begin to help you, but I bet it has to do with the size of your dish.


    2. I’m guessing you used a dish that was smaller than a 9X13. I added two packages of sausage links to mine and still had plenty of room for everything.

  48. Lisa Napier says:

    It was ok, but seemed like way too much hash browns.

    1. That is why its called hash brown casserole 🙂


    2. 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  49. I’ve been making a recipe almost identical to this one for years for Christmas morning breakfast. The major difference is that my recipe has a crust made of crescent rolls.

  50. I made this for breakfast this morning. I had red potatoes so I cut up fresh ones. I also wasn’t thrilled with how my sausage cooked up so added in two packages of chopped sausage links (Vermont Maple Brown & Serve). Everything else I did per instructions. It turned out great and we all loved it. Not sure why the one person said he didn’t have enough room. Even with those two packages of links, I had more than enough room in a 9×13. Of course with only three of us in the house now, we have plenty of leftovers. Thanks for the recipe!

  51. Terri Riley says:

    Made this March 2020 during Covid 19. So the name and decided it was perfect for the time. Made exactly like it said but hash browns had red and green peppers. I doubled the recipe, we ate it for a week. It was delicious. My husband said it was a keeper ❤️

  52. Could you make this recipe using a cupcake pan? If so how would cooking time change?

    1. Trisha Haas says:

      Joanna, I dont see why not but the egg would cook pretty quickly. I cannot give specific timing as I haven’t done it but maybe google “breakfast egg cups” for some thoughts from other recipes.

  53. I used 1 cup of evaporated milk and 1/2 cup whole milk. Put almost an entire 30 oz bag of shredded hashbrowns in the oven to crisp them first. Added dry mustard and paprika to egg mixture and also mixed cheddar cheese with some smoked mozzarella. Soooo good!

    1. Did this work? I have made this 3 times but always with the hash browns were crisp.

  54. Soooo good, could you freeze it after baking?

    1. Trisha Haas says:

      I do not freeze anything with heavy cream or milk in it because it can seperate.

  55. Have you ever use chorizo as the sausage substitute?

    1. Trisha Haas says:

      I have not but I imagine its delicious.

  56. How long will leftovers stay good in refrigerator if I don’t want to freeze them?

    1. Trisha Haas says:

      I personally have a hard rule of 3 days on all leftovers.

    2. Nicholas Korst says:

      So with any sausage/ egg bake. Once it has cooled down place into some kind of air tight container. If you get to day 5 it’s either eat or toss. You can use left overs to make some quick on the go breakfast burritos. I personally like to melt some fresh cheese on a tortilla cut a piece of the casserole in the shape of a rolled burrito 🌯 set onto freshly melted cheese a very small drizzle of maple syrup wrap it up and go. You could also use sour cream, hot sauce whichever you like.

  57. Aimee Ping says:

    Best breakfast casserole ever! The changes I made for the better are, use the refrigerated hash browns ( easier and better consistency), use the Jimmy Dean hot sausage. It really isn’t hot just more flavorful and I used sharp Cheddar cheese. Everyone ask me for the recipe when I make this.

  58. I’ve been making this for Christmas brunch for the past three years. It’s no longer a request it’s a must in our family! So simple and so good! We pop it in the oven while we are opening gifts and it’s perfect every time.

  59. Sara Anderson says:

    Excellent. Could only find tater tots, made the night before. Did measure salt but not pepper or garlic powder. Just sprinkled in.

  60. Sara Anderson says:

    Excellent. Made night before with tater tots

  61. Daryl Standrich says:

    My family loved the recipe on Christmas morning. I increased the eggs to a dozen since we had 6 adults and 3 kids eating. It was awesome!

  62. Ron Howell says:

    If you use Jimmy Dean sausage, dont miss the recipe on package for sausage meatballs

  63. Donna Handley says:

    Thinking this would be great with chorizo, will just have to drain it really well

  64. Cynthia P says:

    I made this for Christmas brunch! My daughter added diced onions, red peppers, and spinach. It was so good, I had to make two! I used turkey sausage, but my daughter used pork sausage! Definitely a part of my grocery list from now on!

  65. I made this recently for a brunch and needed a dairy free option. I replaced the milk with egg whites and added diced peppers, onion and cherry tomatoes that I halved. It came out perfectly and I didn’t miss the cheese/milk at all. I garnished with basil.

    Also, just wanted to say I thawed the hashbrowns in the microwave and they let off very little moisture. I bet you could use them frozen, they’ll just take up slightly more space in the pan until they warm up and are more flexible.

    Fantastic recipe!

  66. I made the breakfast casserole Christmas Eve and refrigerated overnight. Christmas morning I baked. My plan was to take to a family function but I was stuck in road after snow storm. My neighbors that helped me back into driveway enjoyed it! I thought it was delicious and making for Easter brunch. Very easy!!

  67. This sounds amazing and I must try this out, have you ever tried adding sausage gravy to this? Would that work you think? We have a restaurant here in Green Bay, WI that does a country style stuffed hash browns and this has everything but the gravy, and I love it! I just don’t know if I would have to bake this and then have the gravy ready to add on top when it was plated?
    Thanks for sharing this and when I make it, I will let you know if my plan works 🙂

  68. I tried to post earlier and it didn’t seem to go through, so here we go again lol
    We have this restaurant here in Green Bay, WI that makes a country style stuffed hash brown, and this recipe is so close to what that one is, BUT the difference is they put sausage gravy on it, which I know makes the carbs higher, but its just soooo good lol. so do you think I could put sausage gravy on this, or would that be something I make on the side while it is baking and then when it is plated just add the sausage gravy on top?
    I am going to HAVE TO try this recipe and then for my own twist try the gravy on top of it, I have family coming to visit and its one of our favorite breakfast meals is biscuits and gravy so I am sure this will be a hit. When I make it, I will have to come back and let you know how it turned out 🙂
    Thank you for sharing this, I am super excited to try it now

    1. Trisha Haas says:

      I am so sorry the comment was public at first. We get hit w/ spam so all new comments go through approval to keep fake links etc from being posted. This sounds epically delicious. I think thats a fantastic idea!

  69. Nicholas Korst says:

    I made this recipe but (I also used like 4 pieces of white bread. I buttered one side, the buttered side facing up, then cut off the crust and placed them onto the shoe sharing potatoes). Then layered with sausage and very (crispy bacon). [ I noticed when adding milk and eggs to anything with cooked bacon will make it slimy as the bacon absorbs the milk and eggs. So almost over cooking the bacon is a good way for the bacon to hold up to the liquid especially if you are storing the dish overnight before cooking it.] but anyways the bread gave the dish almost a fluffy soufflé texture and the Jimmy dean sausage and thick cut crispy bacon held up beautifully. I would definitely recommend trying to incorporate the (white bread) into the dish. Leave the pieces whole and make sure the buttered side is facing up and you have removed the crust. And one last thing I did save a few bits of the bacon and sprinkled over the top of the cheese on top for a little extra texture.

  70. Shirsty A says:

    You make the best recipes. I have loved so many of the ones I have tried so far.

    1. Trisha Haas says:

      Thats wonderful, Thank you so much!

  71. Can this be made ahead and frozen? Then popped the thawed casserole into the oven and bake?

    1. Trisha Haas says:

      I am not a big fan of freezing fully assembled casseroles like this and then baking until really tested and I have not. You can, however, assemble ahead in fridge and bake.

  72. I’ve made this recipe as written for the last several Christmas mornings and it is always a hit with my family (picky kids to boot!) so I’m years overdue in sharing a big THANK YOU!

  73. Very good and super easy and quick

  74. Thank you for sharing your recipe-I really appreciate it!! I utilized it today and made two!! One casserole was gifted and one to keep…it would have been lovely just as is…but, I did a few personal add ins and increased the eggs/milk a bit because it was going to be feeding a larger group…but, I am so thankful to your great recipe, thank you!

  75. I’ve made this three times now and it gets better each time! A real crowd pleaser and it was a massive hit on Christmas morning and was asked can we have this for dinner mom! Lol!

    1. Trisha Haas says:

      I love that this breakfast casserole has become a staple for your house! I appreciate the kind comment!


  76. Easy, flexible and lived by all!

  77. Hubby wanted an Egg bake and this sounded great. I cut it in half, put it together the night before and added sweet peppers and onion. He loved it.

  78. I’ll make this breakfast casserole for my grandson, he is autistic and won’t eat just anything but he loves this casserole. And it has protein what he needs so it’s a win-win. Thank you for the recipe.

    1. Trisha Haas says:

      I am so glad your grandson found something he loves! I appreciate the comment. much love, trisha

  79. This is the best breakfast casserole!!!! I’ve made it 3xs bc my kids absolutely love it (even my picky one)!
    I plan on making it with the frozen hash browns that have the peppers in it and venison for a healthier version!

    1. Trisha Haas says:

      Wonderful! I am so glad this breakfast casserole recipe was a hit for your family. Venison sounds really interesting!


  80. This was delicious! I did do a few tweaks! I used 2 more eggs (total of 10 eggs). Used 1/2 tsp each of garlic powder and onion powder and sautéed some chopped onions with the breakfast sausage. Definitely a hit from the feedback I got!

  81. I made this Saturday and it was excellent! I didn’t change a thing!

  82. Definitely will make again! Great taste & can add different meats & veggies for variety!

  83. If prepping the night before, should I bake it at night or wait til morning

    1. Trisha Haas says:

      I would wait till morning to get as close to fresh as possible.


  84. Made for first time for Easter. It was a hit!! Everyone asked for the recipe! Heavy cream is a must!!

  85. I made this for Easter brunch and it was very disappointing to say the least. It sounded really good when I read the recipe but it didn’t have any flavor. I followed the recipe as it was written but wish I would have added mushrooms, onions and other spices to it. I will go back to my old tried and true egg bake recipe that I have made for years.

    1. Trisha Haas says:

      Its not common people do not love this recipe so I did want to respond and say, totally fine – everyone has different taste buds. If you consider it a base recipe, its no problem adding additional spices or seasonings to your liking. As far as mushrooms, thats also encouraged (as is all veggies) but that is a very specific taste. I do have other recipes that are more on the veggie and ultimate side, but this one is a more well rounded flavor that keeps it simple for most people. As far as egg bake – this isnt an egg bake. I love egg bakes too, but this is centered more around the hashbrowns and sausage and egg is just a binder. If you want more egg flavor, this cowboy breakfast bake may be your speed, the ultimate sunday breakfast or even this spinach mushroom casserole. I hope you find something you love!

  86. Ya’ll I don’t know what came over me. There was a spare block of cream cheese in the fridge so I melted it into the cooked JDean sausage before tucking it into the middle like a layer with the cheese. I don’t know if it’s 99% you and 1% me, or if my rating is representative of your recipe at all because of my addition, but it was wonderful!

  87. I didn’t have hashbrowns so I just peeled amd shredded some potatoes omost to pulverized a d a couple more ounces than called for 11 eggs and the called milk, browned sausage and spices. With a lil more milk and spices sprinkled n2 the 3 eggs extra mixture 2 make up for extra potatoes… stored it all and hoped and mixed n some cheese and 20 minutes till when take foil off going to add lil more sprinkle.of cheese and doing it.for the whole 60 minutes w 40 minute foil on and 20 off and hoping for the best..

  88. Love this casserole and the protein it has in it. It is a real crowd favorite

  89. This is definitely a crowd pleasure.. I love the fact I can put it all together the night before!! First time making it I followed the recipe exactly.. everyone loved it and was requesting what I add to it the next time!! Second time I made it I added, finely chopped onions, green,red peppers, mushrooms, and jalapeños. Our company absolutely loved it!! Thanks for sharing this recipe!!

  90. I’ve made this about 8 times since Christmas and it’s always a hit. I usually use a 20oz bag of refrigerated hash browns and it works well too. I used southwest hash browns one time and that was EXCELLENT. This recipe is great on its own and great as a “base” recipe with other veggies or meat added to it. Thank you!!

    1. Trisha Haas says:

      I agree, its a great base recipe to add more ingredients too for color and flavor. I appreciate you taking the time to come back and rate and leave a comment for other people looking to make hashbrown casserole. 🙂


  91. Very good, very easy! This recipe has replaced a similar recipe passed on from my mother which used diced bread instead of potatos.it was a Christmas Day favorite because it could be prepared in advance but so can this one, & everyone likes the potato bottom layer better than bread!

  92. I made this years ago, minus the hash browns for some men on a flying mission. I would make it the day before, cut in pieces and wrap in plastic wrap. Next day my husband would pack it in a cooler and when the fellows would land and have a break, they just took it out and put it in the planes microwave. They all looked forward to it. For the bottom layer I used crustless bread. Freezing was no problem. I never kept it more that thirty days, let it thaw and it was set to go. I’m going to try your way with the potatoes. It was also a big hit at brunch after my daughter’s wedding. Thanks.
    Great with sautéed green peppers!

  93. Always delicious and so easy to make!

  94. Danette Steward says:

    I made this with turkey sausage, reduced fat cheese and 2% milk. 1 serving was only 5 weight watchers points. Very tasty. Nice change from hum drum breakfast.
    Thank you

  95. This recipe is one of our absolute favorites!! It’s so easy and delicious. We love it and have made it several times now.

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