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Beer Cheese Dip

Easy beer cheese, the same style that is typically known as a cheese fondue staple, is just as easy to make at the home via stovetop.  Slather beer cheese on burgers, dip in crunchy tortillas (or pizza rolls) or simply serve with a batch of soft pretzels.

Cheesiest Cheese Dip

01 Create a roux with flour and butter.

02 Whisk in a cup of favorite beer.

03 Boil beer for a minute.

04 Add shredded cheeses.

05 Add spices, milk, and cream cheese.

06 Thicken and melt then serve with pretzels, chicken and veggies.

Yeast Package
Flour Bag
Flour Bowl

She's so Thicc!

Easy Roux


Start with an easy butter and flour roux before adding your favorite beer. 

Let cranberries cool


Add in the rest of all the ingredients and melt together gently.

Beer Cheese doesn't TASTE like beer but is a great thick cheese for pretzels, raw veggies, and even chicken. Plus this cheese is incredible on a burger too! 

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