Everyone loves Mexican street corn, but did you know you can also have it as a salad?  This perfect Mexican side dish will blow your mind with its perfect flavors but at the same time act as a dip, appetizer or salsa if you want.

5 star Mexican Dip

01 Add drained corn and mayo together.

02 Add diced jalapeno, cilantro, and spices.

03 Add lime and garlic.

04 Top with crumbled feta.

05 Stir well together.

06 Chill and enjoy!

Yeast Package
Flour Bag
Flour Bowl

So Much Flavor!

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This Creamy Dip  Goes with many dippers

Serve with  Fritos Tortilla Chips Pita Chips as a Topping on Tacos as a side dish

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Trisha Haas