Recipe gone viral, Butter Boards are all the rage this year and we understand why!


Butter boards (and hummus and chocolate boards) are community sharing boards that allow you to customize each delicious dip!

A butter board is a charcuterie board or cutting board with a beautiful display of butter, seasonings, and fresh bread.  Butter is layered using pastry bags in rows and then smothered with fresh herbs, seasonings, and extras like honey and vanilla.  Its easy to get super creative with this TikTok Trend.

What is a Butter Board?


Toppings – Any chopped nuts like walnut or pistachio, pouring honey - the possibilities are truly endless! – Spices – More than just salt and pepper, add red pepper, Italian Seasonings, or sweet like Pumpkin Spice or Apple Spice.  – Edible Flowers – Use edible flowers or order edible flowers online to really put some color and delicious flavor on a board.

toppings for butter boards

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