7 layer bean


Seven Layer Taco dip with refried beans, seasoned cream cheese, salsa, cheddar and so much more, is a no-bake way to enjoy a quick appetizer.  Perfect as a party dip, Taco Dip is a MUST have recipe for Football Sundays.

Taco Dip

L Sour cream  Taco seasoning Refried beans guacamole Shredded lettuce Cheddar Cheese Tomatoes Olives optional gaucamole onion jalapenos REf The Head of the iceberg lettuce should be shredded, so every bite has a bit of lettuce, so this green vegetable doesn’t take over the plate.onsectetur adipiscing elit.

Seasoned Sour Cream

Combine a packet of taco seasoning and sour cream for a delicious creamy layer full of flavor!

Expert Dip Tip

If adding cooked ground beef, include on top of beans before adding the other layered and favorite taco ingredients.  This keeps the weight of the meat on the bottom.

Serve with Chips

A clear pie plate is a great way to serve the dip. It holds all the ingredients in it and allows you to see all the layers.

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