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Choc' 'n' Roll!

Why have a cookie when you can have a DIP? For those days when one chocolate chip cookie just won’t do.

Popular Dippers

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1. Graham Crackers: Their sweet, honeyed flavor and crunch make them perfect for creamy and sweet dips. 2. Pretzels: The salty crunch of pretzels contrasts beautifully with sweet dessert dips. 3. Apple Slices: Fresh and slightly tart, they're ideal for caramel or cheesecake-based dips. 4. Nilla Wafers: These vanilla-flavored cookies are both absorbent and gentle in flavor, complementing a wide range of dessert dips. 5. Strawberries: Fresh strawberries can add a juicy, refreshing contrast to richer, creamy dips.

Forget pumpkin patches, let's go cherry-picking!  This dip's so good, you'll want to plant a cherry tree in your backyard.

Cheery Cherry  Cheesecake!

Fall's Sweetest Crunch!

Apple picking, who? We're here caramel apple dippin'! An orchard of flavor in every bite.

Strawberries in fall? Oh yes! Get the freshness of summer with a fall twist in this dip-tastic treat.

Berry-licious Bowl!

 Dip Collection

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