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Holiday Desserts

Christmas Bark, with White Chocolate Candy Melts and sprinkles, is an easy no bake way to make a perfectly delicious holiday seasonal candy bark. Break into pieces and give as a gift as well.

White Chocolate Bark

Easy edible cookie dough? UM, YES PLEASE!! Bits of candies like mini M&Ms and a perfect buttery brown sugar dough, make up your own edible cookie dough. Go ahead and dig in – no raw eggs tons of ways to make this recipe fun and unique

Edible Cookie Dough

These haystack cookies combine creamy peanut butter with baking chips to create a really rich and amazing cookie that can be ready to enjoy in literally minutes.

Peanut Butter Haystacks

This classic homemade treat that takes a delicious peanut butter and powdered sugar mixture and combines it into a creamy decadent peanut butter ball, dipped in chocolate, is the perfect make ahead, no bake holiday dessert.

Buckeye Balls

Cream cheese mints are a fantastic no bake alternative for a quick and fun appetizer or dessert that everyone loves. Cream cheese mints are so easy to make that they can be whipped up and ready to serve in 30 minutes.

Cream Cheese Mints

The Best Holiday Desserts

No Bake - These listed holiday desserts do not require any baking! – Super Creative – Change up these desserts by colors, flavors, or designs to customize the dessert. – Food Gift Giving – Add these desserts to a beautiful holiday tin to gift give and preserve all season long – Fun with kids– No bake desserts make these holiday recipes easy with kids and a fun learning experience in the kitchen!