Kicking off our top 5 amazing and delicious corn casseroles that are perfect for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season is STREET CORN CASSEROLE.


A twist on Mexican Street Corn (Elote), you get all the Parmesan and cheesy flavors of this fan-favorite corn in casserole form! – frozen corn (keep frozen) – real mayonnaisesour creamspices – cayenne pepper, garlic powder, and salt. – queso fresco cheesefresh cilantro leaves

Why street corn casserole?


#4: Cheesy Corn Casserole

Number 4 in great corn casserole recipes for the season is this easy, cheesy corn casserole! This corn casserole includes time honored Jiffy but also LOADS of cheese!

Corn casserole itself is a side dish and therefore doesn't need another side dish with it, but depending on when and how you serve, complementary dishes might be green bean casserole, cranberry dip, or slow cooked sweet potato casserole. See our full list of traditional and unique side dish recipes here.

Corn is a great side!


#3: Pressure Cooker Corn Casserole

With the oven likely being taken up with turkey, getting last minute sides like corn casserole can be challenging. Try this Pressure Cooker recipe which keeps the oven free!

We use the Ninja Foodi for our Pressure Cooker version!

#2: Mexican Corn Casserole

Number 2 on our list is a Mexican Cornbread casserole with creamy corn, chicken, and mushrooms! This corn casserole is more than just a side but also can be served as a main dish meal.

TOP Corn Casserole

Our #1 corn casserole is traditional Jiffy Corn Casserole. This top recipe is an old-fashioned recipe with 100s of positive reviews. This is a WOW recipe for this famous side.

Made with sweet corn, this from scratch recipe is just like grandma (and mama) used to make. This corn casserole recipe combines creamed can corn into a southern homemade side dish.  Made with sweet corn, this from-scratch recipe is just like grandma (and mama) used to make. This cornfore the dinner is done!

Why choose this recipe?


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