How to Choose The Best Ninja Foodi Steam Diverter

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There’s nothing more satisfying than coming home to a fast hot meal using your pressure cooker. Imagine introducing your senses to an aromatic and mouth-watering flavor as you open your pressure cooker lid. The sweet and savory smell of crisp seasoned turkey breast all thanks to your Ninja Foodi.

Now, imagine opening your pressure cooker and seeing your wooden cabinets damaged over time due to negligence from the hot steam. You find the painted coating over the wooden doors chipping off, leaving the wood dry and grazed as a bone. What’s even worse is accidentally burning your skin or eyes from your pressure cooker when opening the steam release valve.

The point of this article isn’t to scare you from ever using a pressure cooker. Instead, it’s to help you practice safety and wise cooking habits using a steam diverter while cooking all those delicious Ninja Foodi Recipes!

Quick Summary of Best Steam Diverters

Want to go straight to the steam diverters on Amazon? Here is a link to our top 5 choices! Or read the rest of the article that summarizes what is and how to use a steam diverter.

  1. Steam Boss
  2. House Again
  3. Silicone Steam
  4. Steam Mates
  5. Minion Goldline
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Good food can’t be enjoyable if it comes with a high risk of danger to you and your surroundings.

Making meals under high heat and pressure in your cooker is going to create steam. Really hot steam to the point of danger. So let’s leave the steam to your pressure cooker and not for your boiling point when it comes to risking your safety.

With a steam diverter, you can make sure the hot moisture goes elsewhere appropriate. Without further ado, let’s learn more in helping you choose the best steam diverter.

What Is a Pressure Cooker Steam Diverter?

A pressure cooker steam diverter is an attachable apparatus that redirects hot steam out of reach. These tools are designed to keep hot steam away to protect your body or kitchen cabinets. They are often made out of a safe food-grade silicone material that is durable in feel. Therefore, they are easy to store and clean.

Look at a steam diverter as a removable chimney for your Ninja Foodi pressure cooker to cast steam somewhere else carefully. The device is used for kitchen safety and protection purposes.

Why Do I Need a Steam Diverter For My Ninja Foodi?

Using a pressure cooker like a Ninja Foodi is a handy kitchen appliance to prep your meals fast. It works by building steam pressure inside the sealed chamber to effectively cook your food. But with that steam pressure locked in tight, introduces the danger of extreme heat, stress, and in some rare cases, explosion. In fact, a young girl in 2019 from Colorado experienced 3rd-degree burns from hot steam after cooking a meal as simple as broth. The victim is now scarred for life due to a blast of hot steam to her vulnerable body.

It goes to show, danger and accidents can happen to anyone at any point in time. But by being more aware of safety protocols and investing in tools that can help mitigate accidents only makes sense to do so.

It is always advised to practice safe cooking habits for your health and surroundings in the kitchen. Because it only takes one accident that comes at a high price of your health to prevent you from ever cooking again. To help you exercise safe cooking habits is where a steam diverter comes into play.

why do you need a steam diverter

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How to Use and Cook With a Ninja Foodi Steam Diverter

Air ventilation in your kitchen is crucial to keeping your dwelling space enjoyable. After all, cooking is the main source of airborne pollutants. No one likes couches, beddings, or drapery smelling of dinner the week before. That’s what a hood vent over your stove is for – to catch steam, smells, smoke, and heat before spreading.

beautiful kitchen

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To use your protective Ninja Foodi steam diverter:

  1. Place your pressure cooker on top of a heatproof board on your turned-off stove to prevent fires.
  2. Ensure the surroundings of your pressure cooker is clear of objects and people.
  3. Attach your Ninja Foodi steam diverter to the release valve of your pressure cooker.
  4. Point the steam diverter away from you or nearby kitchen cabinets.
  5. Enjoy cooking with your pressure cooker with your stovetop hood ventilation running.

Finishing your cooking is as simple as detaching the steam diverter and easily cleaning it by soaking and scrubbing it with soapy water.

By practicing good kitchen safety habits, you can ensure years to come of the vitality of your appliances and personal health.

Top Reasons Why You Should Buy a Ninja Foodi Steam Diverter

A steam diverter isn’t an optional accessory you shouldn’t think twice about. Think about the health and safety of yourself and others around you in the kitchen. Therefore, a steam diverter is a necessity you wish you would have had earlier.

  • Affordable – they are inexpensive accessories that increase the safety of yourself and others – better safe than sorry. For something dirt cheap that provides immense value is a bargain.
  • Safety – they protect your hands and others from burns.
  • Sanitation – they ensure clean kitchen cabinets. The moisture from steam creates an environment for bacteria to thrive on wooden cabinets around your kitchen.
  • User-friendly – they are easy to use with no complicated contraptions.
  • Compatible – most models are well-suited to be installed with all standard pressure cookers.
Top Steam Diverter for the Ninja Foodi

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Ordering The Best Steam Diverter From Amazon

There are plenty of vendors to buy your next Ninja Foodi steam diverter from. But Amazon is a convenient place to purchase from for many reasons. Starting with Amazon being a one-in-all place to do the hard work for you in finding you the best steam diverter you could ask for. Consider these other reasons:

  1. Ability to compare different models, read customer reviews, and check product ratings.
  2. In-depth product descriptions with photos.
  3. Easy returns within 30 days if you are unsatisfied with your purchase.
  4. You get a personalized shopping experience with items filtered and sorted by your criteria.
  5. Sometimes there are specials and deals to save you money. You may just find a bargain on your next steam diverter!

Which Steam Diverter Should I Buy For My Pressure Cooker?

Steamboss Steam Release Diverter

steam boss steam diverter
  • Diverts steam using a 90-degree angle food-grade silicone elbow pipe.
  • Compatible with popular pressure cookers like Instant Pot, Ninja Foodi, or PPXL models.
  • Over 2,700 4-5 star ratings on Amazon. Most users express how the Steamboss Steam Release Diverter is easy to assemble and clean due to the durability of the material.

House Again Steam Diverter

house again steam diverters
  • Comes in colors blue or red.
  • One of the smaller and lighter pressure cooker steam diverters compared to competing brands: 0.81 ounces and 1.75 x 1.1 x 3.75 inches
  • Fits most Instant Pot models: Mini, 5qt, 6qt or 8qt, allDUO models, Ultra, and Smart Models.

Silicone Steam Diverter

Silicone steam diverters
  • Compatible With All Sizes (3Qt, 5 Qt, 6 Qt, 8 Qt, 60, 80) InstantPot DUO, DUO Nova, DUO Plus, Viva, and Smart Wifi, And Mueller UltraPot.
  • High-quality design made from food-grade and durable BPA-free silicone material that is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.
  • 4-slot design allows a 360 rotational adjustment.

Steammates Steam Diverter

dragon steam diverter
  • These fun accessories make great gifts for cooks of all experiences.
  • Kids will love the idea of bringing life to a character, keeping them entertained!
  • Compatible with Instant Pot brand of pressure cookers. It exclusively fits IP Duo, Duo Plus, Smart, Ultra, and several other series from private parties.

Minion Goldlion Steam Diverter

Minion Steam Diverter for the Ninja Foodi
  • It’s no wonder why over 1,700 happy customers love this steam diverter as it’s fun to look at!
  • Works with Instant Pot LUX, MAX, 3/6/8 qt. Ninja Foodi 6.⅝ qt. Crock-Pot Express 6 qt, Power Pressure Cooker XLm, and Fagor options.
  • Adds a bright noticeable touch of color to the kitchen by letting passersby aware of the steam.

How to Choose the Best Ninja Foodi Steam Diverter

Not all Ninja Foodi steam diverters are created the same. While they all serve the same purpose, each varies by a few differences. Consider these five criteria when choosing your next Ninja Foodi steam diverter:


What’s attractive about steam diverters is they are inexpensive. But some rank higher than others when it comes to price depending on the brand. Ordering your steam diverter from Amazon offers convenience to compare prices between different products. Some prices can also reflect the quality of material or features offered. So make sure your price meets your product expectations.

Reviews and Testimonials

You’re likely not to buy a product that’s disappointing based on negative reviews from other users. Check to see what customers are saying to ensure you have a positive experience when you use your product. The more positive reviews a Ninja Foodi steam diverter has, the more likely you will have a quality product.


Each product varies by the material it’s made out of. Some are made of cheap plastic. Some are made of food-grade material. While others are silicone. Consider the material used in respect to your preference when looking for a durable steam diverter.

Returns and Warranty

If you’re unhappy with your purchase or something goes wrong, you may want to think about if your steam diverter comes with a generous return and warranty policy. Thankfully, if you order yours from Amazon, you have up to 30 days to return your purchase with no hassle.

Colors and Design

Ninja Foodi steam diverters come in various shapes, sizes, weights, designs, and colors. So there is bound to be one that fits your liking. Kids always enjoy the character steam diverters from dragons, minions, or puppies. Or if you want a simple design that gets the job done, a standard one-color model is always available.

Concluding How to Choose The Best Ninja Foodi Steam Diverter

Look at purchasing your next steam diverter as a wise investment for your kitchen assets. You’ll be thankful you purchased one to benefit you and your kitchen in the long-run. As previously stated, it only takes one careless accident before replacing your expensive kitchen cabinets or scaring your body for life.

With a large array of choices to select from, you’ll find one that compliments your style and personality in the kitchen. So have fun choosing your next steam diverter and happy cooking, safely!

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