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Easy Pea Salad

Simple Salad Recipes

Bring excitement to your dinner table with these unique salad recipes! Spiral cucumber saladcouscous salad, and grape salad will make a scene on the potluck table. Salads offer such a wide range; they can be eaten as an appetizer, side dish, or main course dinner and come in forms like pasta salads and fruit salad recipes!

Classic Potato Salad

Incredibly creamy, this classic potato salad recipe with egg, golden potatoes, and Hellmanns mayo is the old fashioned recipe you remember.

Perfect Pasta Salads

Looking for something perfect for lunch? We love cucumber salad and Greek Salad for that! Browse our collection of salad recipes today and find the perfect dish for your next meal!

All Salad Recipes

Simple Salad Side Dishes | From pasta salads to fresh fruit salads, macaroni salad recipes to easy side salads, no matter your favorite way to eat fruit and vegetable side dishes, it takes very little effort to make something amazing.

  • Start with Fresh: All great salads start with fresh ingredients. If using vegetables, make sure they are washed, dried, and prepped thoroughly.
  • Don’t skip making homemade dressing. Try a ranch dip, honey balsamic, or creamy avocado.
  • Salads are not just about lettuce. While lettuce is salad’s most basic ingredient, many side salads have very little or no lettuce at all!