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Hi, y’all; I am Trisha Haas, the food blogger behind Salty Side Dish and Viral Recipes (now recipes are all easily accessible here!). I am a Florida native, and we thrive on the best Southern cuisine and incredible side dishes. I’ve been married for 22 years and have two amazing kids who, despite their mother being an awesome cook, still prefer chicken nuggets and french fries.

I LOVE cooking, from testing viral recipes (and all the changes to make those trendy recipes better) to sharing the best appetizers, salads, and side dish recipes that make the winters that much cozier and summer gatherings all the more special. Connect with me on Pinterest and TikTok.

About Trisha Haas, author of Salty Side Dish.

How Salty Side Dish Began

Food was always the center of my childhood, and I can remember a family Thanksgiving with more than 80 guests! I have been trained to make easy-to-follow desserts and dinners in Rome, as well as the old-fashioned school of Grandma’s home cooking.

For the past 14 years, I have been a professional blogger, creating, developing, and sharing step-by-step content to help over a million readers a month feel confident in their kitchens. While my bachelor’s degree from the University of South Florida was in criminology, my experience with cooking set me up for a lifetime of great food development.

Recipes on Salty Side Dish have proudly been featured on Buzzfeed, CountryLiving, Food Gawker, Parade magazine, Seventeen, Yahoo!, and many more amazing places. As a featured speaker and often-referenced recipe website, you can trust that my goal is to have you make the perfect recipe every time. Budget-Friendly, Kid Approved, Step-by-Step photos, and simple ingredients that readers love.

What you get when you use a Salty Side Dish Recipe

Full-color images of recipes to follow and ensure you are cooking the right way.

Foolproof answers to all of your side dish food questions that may arise in each post.

Printable recipe for ease in the kitchen without touching a phone and a quick jump to the recipe button for convenience.

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Fun Facts about Trisha

  • I didn’t try Brussels sprouts till I was over 30.
  • I am an avid gardener and prefer to use herbs that grow in my garden.
  • I once won a terrible cake decorating contest from a celebrity chef judge.

Fun Facts about Charlotte

  • I think applesauce is weird. It’s soupy…but it’s made from a crunchy fruit.
  • Without a recipe, I can only make eggs and toast.
  • I ordered a hamburger and fries the last time we were in Rome.

Fun Facts about Phoenyx

  • I had to cook nine meals by myself to get my Boy Scouts Cooking patch.
  • White chicken chili on top. (note from mom: that means it’s the best)
  • I don’t like regular broccoli, but I love cheesy broccoli.

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Your Trust, Our Commitment

  • At Salty Side Dish, your trust is our top priority. We strive to maintain transparency in all our content, ensuring that each recipe, tip, and piece of advice is grounded in genuine experience and expertise. Our goal is to help you create unforgettable meals that not only taste great but also enrich your life with joy and satisfaction.