Its been 14 years now since I opened my first community online forum. The internet has watched me go from no kids to 2 kids, a gal in her 20’s to a gal in her 40’s and while a lot of who I am has changed, the one that hasn’t is how much I love connecting and creating online.

You would never know that a young girl graduating from the University of South Florida with a Criminology B.A. would end up online taking pictures and sharing recipes and crafts for a living.



In the past 10 years I have been particularly blessed with an audience of millions, published in many mainstream magazines and even published a book with my daughter! And still, with all that personal pride and success, I love nothing more than the thrill of finding a passion inside me again and moving concretely into the food side dish niche.

I do not know about you, but making chicken and beef is easy- it’s the rest of the plate, the rest of the picnic and the rest of the party food that takes up my head space. In fact, getting my kids to eat even ONE piece of lettuce can feel like such a chore.

My blog, the Salty Side Dish, is a way for you to try some of my favorite delicious side dishes and clear up your own confusion on what to serve. I am hoping with all this food, surely my kids will find something out there that they don’t turn their noses up on, right??

For now this blog has minimal content; after all it takes time to create, test, and share with you. But keep on coming back, I promise to fill up the pages with my favorites!

You can also follow along on my Pinterest page, and on Instagram or contact me directly at admin@saltysidedish.com to say hi!