TikTok Birthday Party

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Create and host an amazing and epic TikTok Party (or TikTok Birthday Party) with these awesome birthday ideas, TikTok themed party supplies, and game suggestions. You won’t believe how easy it was to host a memorable TikTok birthday theme for our teen. 

Just click on the links below to check out all the ideas and see how this incredible bash came together!

tiktok themed birthday party for teens.

How to host a Tik Tok Party

And just like that….Charlotte turned 16.

Now 16 is a special birthday party but for most party decorations, the age isn’t somewhat décor friendly. Yes, there are many displays that proudly congratulate “Sweet 16” but the cartoons and branded stuff just stop.

So as a surprise, I decided to create a “TikTok Birthday Party Theme” for my teen behind her back and wanted to share exactly what I did to make it look fabulous. Hopefully, this helps parents (and kids of any age!) to host an awesome and well-decorated TikTok Birthday Party!

TikTok Birthday Party Decorations

Every good party needs awesome party decorations and balloons are the best, even on a budget. They fill the room, come in just about every color, shape, and size, and are just….well….fun!

Here are the TikTok Balloons we purchased for our party. Just click the link to go to the Amazon listing for each one and view the current price.

Birthday Party Number Balloons

  • Number Balloons – Every birthday needs a set of large birthday balloons that blow up with their age! This “16” was purchased in black (part of the TikTok color scheme) and has a little straw to manually blow up so it doesn’t pop.
number balloons.

Tiktok Emoji Balloons

  • Music Balloons – These music balloons with social media and music icons were a great fun addition. While they were not “TikTok Balloons” specifically, they did have little tags like #FYP and music notes.
tiktok emoji balloons.

Balloon Arch Balloon Set

  • Pink/Black/Teal Balloon Arch – I had intended to actually create a balloon arch and this set comes with 100 balloons, the arch piece that is flexible to connect balloons to, and little sticky glue dots to place extra balloons around. We ended up just blowing up all the balloons and leaving them around the party area as well as sticking them to the wall as we didn’t have a designated cake area for the arch. The cost was only $13 and the amount of product we got was well worth it.
tiktok balloon arch set.

TikTok Slumber Party Theme

Teepee Tents – Tents come in a variety of colors, stripes, with and without windows, and are a great addition for future playtime. They typically can be adjusted to be narrow or wide to fit into spaces.

teepee birthday party.

Color Coordinating Pillows – While pillows are more for decoration, it’s worth getting them for party pillow fights and how adorable they look on the setup. Pillows are a great décor item that can be used over again. If you are purchasing on amazon, it’s worth noting that many companies sell pillow covers WITHOUT the pillows, so double check before you buy. Here are links to the actual PILLOWS.

Single Air Mattress (per person) – Remember to note the width of the air mattress if you choose a different one.

TikTok Party Supplies

Stringing lights – Stringing lights really bring something magical and wonderful to a teepee party. You do not want to have to plug these in, so get the LED battery-operated ones that have different blinking patterns. You may need more than one set depending on how many teepees you are decorating. Start one end and string the lights across the top of each teepee.

Mini Lanterns – Once the lights go out, mini lanterns or candles with no flame light up the room for gossip, TikTok watching, and movies.

Party Tassels – Birthday Party tassels go great to connect each Teepee and come in a variety of colors. The good news about having a TikTok party is that the pink and blue are also part of a gender reveal parties and should be fairly easy to find. However, I love to add a bit of sparkle, so look for the silver or gold metallic too!

Matching Serving Tray – Because air mattresses (and all mattresses) are a little flimsy for cups and plates, adding a TV tray or serving tray on each mattress for a guest helps keep all the party favors and goodies settled.

Note that I haven’t found a great Amazon alternative for these. You might be able to find them less expensive in Walmart.

tiktok serving tray for birthday party.

TikTok Birthday Party Favors

We like to keep party favors really simple and useful. For party favors, we gave out a little name tag, which was used to mark each person’s tent, a custom water bottle, a sleep mask with their name, TikTok Stickers, and TikTok Meme bracelets. We sat everything on the trays.

tiktok party favor bracelets.
tiktok party favor stickers.

TikTok Party Games

Most teenagers just watch movies, watch TikTok (and Snapchat), and create their own TikTok Content, but there IS a TikTok Party game and it includes all their favorite TikTok memes!

  • TikTok What Do You Meme

One thing we didn’t do because it was too cold outside, but we wanted to do, was tie-dye. If you are hosting a party in the summer months, make sure you grab some white shirts and tie-dye supplies and create some awesome custom TikTok shirts too!

TikTok Birthday Party Food

Last but not least, every good birthday party needs food! We had cupcakes made with pink, black and teal icing from a local woman (here is her baking FB page if you live in Gulf Breeze/Navarre, Florida), but you can also buy icing and do it yourself.

The person that baked our cupcakes made sure to use CHOCOLATE icing for the black part so it didn’t take much dye to get them to black. Otherwise, it will completely dye your mouth! Just add some TikTok cupcake toppers and done!

tiktok themed cupcakes.

Additionally, every good TikTok party needs Tiktok famous food like:

  • Cocoa Bombs – The kids would love to make these so head over to our cooking site to learn how to make hot chocolate cocoa bombs. You will need THIS MOLD to get started.
  • Mini Pancakes – Mini pancakes are a fun awesome breakfast the morning after a birthday party.
  • TikTok Smoked Queso – Every teen needs to chow down on some chips and dip, so grab this TikTok famous smoked Queso for an easy way to serve and clean up.
  • TikTok Crispy Tortilla Pizza – Great for kids and you can make it up quickly.
  • Cloud Bread – No one can forget tiktok cloud bread!
  • TikTok Ramen – Your tiktok stars will love diving into this totally viral recipe.
  • Booty Dip – Sweet dip, this booty dip is a finger licking good treat great for birthdays.

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