Best Frozen Foods for Air Fryer

Ready to get the most out of your air fryer with some super convenient frozen foods? Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, I’ll guide you through the best frozen food options that make buying an air fryer worth it.

We’ll dive into what makes each one great and my top tips on air frying times, temperatures, and the best brands of frozen’s to grab from your local store, so next time you want a quick dinner idea with low stress, you can pop open a box and get on with your night.

a collage of frozen foods for an air fryer.
  • Should I preheat the air fryer? When dealing with frozen foods, it’s important to preheat the air fryer so it starts out at the right cooking temperature. This will help you achieve the crispiest texture. The cooking times below assume that your air fryer is already heated.
  • Should I defrost frozen foods before air frying? No.
FoodCooking Time (minutes)Temperature (°F)
Mozzarella Sticks5 minutes360°
French Fries15-20 minutes380°
Corn Dogs8-10 minutes390°
Chicken Wings25-30 minutes400°
Pizza8-15 minutes380°
Vegetables12-15 minutes380°
Fish Fillets10-12 minutes400°
Meatballs8-10 minutes380°
Onion Rings8-10 minutes400°
times and temps for common frozen foods in air fryer

Air Fry Frozen Mozzarella Sticks

  • Why they’re great: They turn out super crispy and pull apart cheesy without being greasy.
  • How to cook them:
    • Temperature: preheat + 360°F
    • Time: 5 minutes
  • Pro Tip: Don’t overcrowd the basket to keep them from sticking together.
  • Top Brands: Farm Rich and TGI Fridays offer delicious options.
  • You can see an entire article dedicated to air fryer mozzarella sticks here.

Air Fry Frozen French Fries

  • Why they’re great: Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside – air fryer fries are a game-changer!
  • How to cook them:
    • Temperature: preheat + 380°F
    • Time: 15-20 minutes, shake halfway through
  • Pro Tip: For extra crispiness, give them a light spray with some oil before cooking.
  • Top Frozen Brands: Check out Ore-Ida or McCain for reliable tastiness.
  • Make Homemade: We have a 10-minute Air Fryer Potato Wedges recipe.

Air Fry Frozen Corn Dogs

  • Why they’re great: They offer a golden brown crisp exterior with a hot, juicy dog in the middle.
  • How to cook them:
    • Temperature: preheat + 390°F
    • Time: 8-10 minutes
  • Pro Tip: Rotate them midway to ensure even cooking.
  • Top Brands: Foster Farms and State Fair are popular choices.
  • We have an entire article dedicated to Air Fryer Corn Dogs here if you want extra help.

Air Fry Frozen Chicken Wings

  • Why they’re great: They come out as crispy as if they were deep-fried but way healthier.
  • How to cook them:
    • Temperature: preheat + 400°F (200°C)
    • Time: 25-30 minutes, flipping halfway through, the chicken should reach a safe temp of 165°
  • Pro Tip: Season or marinate them before cooking for that extra flavor kick.
  • Top Frozen Brands: Tyson and Perdue offer great quality wings perfect for air frying.
  • Make Homemade: We have a recipe here at our Air Fryer Chicken Wings.

Air Fry Frozen Pizza

  • Why it’s great: You can achieve a perfectly crispy crust and melty cheese with minimal effort.
  • How to cook them:
    • Temperature: preheat + 380°F (193°C)
    • Time: 8-15 minutes depending on pizza size
  • Pro Tip: If the pizza is small enough, place it directly in the basket; otherwise, use a pizza pan compatible with your air fryer.
  • Top Brands: Totino’s Party Pizzas are the perfect size for many air fryer baskets.
  • You can also use our recipe for air fryer pizza rolls.

Air Fry Frozen Vegetables (e.g., broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower)

  • Why they’re great: They roast up perfectly in the air fryer, making them an easy and healthy side dish.
  • How to cook them:
    • Temperature: preheat + 380°F (193°C)
    • Time: 12-15 minutes, shake halfway through
  • Handling Frozen Vegetables: Be cautious with vegetables that contain a lot of water, like zucchini, which might turn soggy. Drier, denser vegetables like broccoli fare better but can dry out, so monitor them closely.
  • Top Brands: Birds Eye and Green Giant have a variety of mixed and single-vegetable packs that are perfect for air frying.
  • We have several air fryer veggie recipes like these air fryer green beans, air fryer carrot fries, and air fryer cauliflower.

Air Fry Frozen Fish Fillets

  • Why they’re great: There is no need to thaw, and they turn out wonderfully crispy and flaky.
  • How to cook them:
    • Temperature: preheat + 400°F (200°C)
    • Time: 10-12 minutes, check for doneness
  • Pro Tip: Use parchment paper for easy cleanup and to prevent sticking.
  • Top Brands: Gorton’s and SeaPak offer breaded fillets that crisp up beautifully in the air fryer

Air Fry Frozen Meatballs

  • Why they’re great: Juicy and flavorful, frozen meatballs are great for a quick meal or adding protein to noodles without the work. 
  • How to cook them:
    • Temperature: preheat + 380°F (193°C)
    • Time: 8-10 minutes
  • Pro Tip: Add your favorite sauce after cooking for a delicious finish.
  • Top Brands: Armour and Rosina provide excellent options for hearty and tasty meatballs.

Air Fry Frozen Onion Rings

  • Why they’re great: They achieve a perfect crunchy texture without the mess of deep frying.
  • How to cook them:
    • Temperature: preheat + 400°F (200°C)
    • Time: 8-10 minutes
  • Pro Tip: Arrange them in a single layer for even crispiness.
  • Top Brands: Nathan’s and Alexia are known for great onion rings.
  • We don’t have a full article on onion rings, but we do have one on using the air fryer for onion petals.

General Tips for Cooking Frozen Foods in an Air Fryer

  • Adjust Temperature and Time: Since air fryers work faster than traditional ovens, if you do not have specific air fryer instructions, start by reducing the package-recommended oven heat by 10-25 degrees and cutting the cooking time in half. This lets you check on your food and adjust as needed.
  • Preheating: Jump-start your cooking by preheating the air fryer. This helps evaporate any moisture from frozen foods, avoiding sogginess.
  • Avoid Overcrowding: To ensure even cooking, do not overstuff the basket. Arrange items in a single layer or fill the basket halfway, depending on the food type.

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