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Pressure Cooker Artichokes Ninja Foodi

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Pressure Cooker Artichokes! Learn how to pressure cook artichokes quickly, easily, and no fail with this recipe! Then dip the beautiful soft leaves into melted butter and mmm, mmm, good!

It might be easy to pass by a fresh artichoke without a second thought. Artichokes are usually reserved for jars and adding to dips, am I right? But fresh artichokes are surprisingly quick work in a pressure cooker and are addictive to eat leaf by leaf. With just a bit of seasoning and some water (or flavored water like lemon), an artichoke, with its delicate and delightful flavors, is worth the time. 

Spring is the perfect time to try fresh artichokes, which are in season, and are pretty low in carbs with great nutritional benefits. Steaming can take quite a bit of time (with any vegetable) so the pressure cooker takes the WORK out of the dish. Fast, easy, and a fraction of the time it takes in traditional recipes.

Easy simple artichokes ready to put into pressure cooker and make in under 30 minutes

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Artichokes are Delicious.

The other day I was standing in Publix trying to figure out which delicious veggies I wanted to test out in my Ninja Foodi. And then my eyes settled on these artichokes.

They were on sale for an amazing price and I was like…eh, why not. Checking out, the bagger said “Don’t see many artichokes come through here.”

And the thing is – artichokes are seriously delicious. But most people tend to only enjoy them in artichoke dips or the occasional salad – no one really straight up eats them. I aim to change that because these Pressure cooked Artichokes were so good.

SO GOOD. Addicting even!

I couldn’t walk by them without eating just one more bite dipped in melted garlic butter.

No guilt – straight up Low Carb, Keto, Healthy Food and you just can’t beat that. 

The best part is that with a pressure cooker it doesn’t take long at all and its pretty much no work to enjoy artichokes.

Pressuring Cooking Makes Cooking Easy!

Speaking of pressure cooking, its a technique of cooking that I have come to really love in the last few months. My husband randomly encouraged me to test out a Ninja Foodi one day when I had expressed interest in an Air Fryer.

Come to find out, the Ninja Foodi pretty much does it all – Pressure cooking, air frying, tender crisping, steaming, sauté, its replaced SO MUCH time for me in the kitchen.

So I recently started translating some of my recipes over to the pressure cooker and air fryer so those of you that are struggling with what to make can find a few more tried and true tested recipes.

This week, aside from this pressure cooker recipe, I have also learned how to make Air Fryer Salmon, Ninja Foodi Marinated Chicken Wings and of course, bacon (seriously, no other way to do this but in an air fryer!)

And of course I have already mastered the basics like hard boiled eggs and perfect pressure cooker corn.

Pressure Cooking Artichokes

Artichokes do not need a whole lot to pressure cook, but I love adding bits of flavor like seasoning and garlic.

You can easily mix this up on your own if you have a preference, but artichokes are a really robust savory flavor on their own and really don’t need much to be perfect. Here is how I like to cook mine:

Here is what you need to gather to get started:

  • whole garlic cloves
  • White vinegar
  • water
  • lemon pepper seasoning (optional)
  • 2 whole artichokes, stems trimmed

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Lemon pepper seasoning

How long to Pressure Cook Artichokes

Looking for the basics? Here are the answers:

  • How long: 10 minutes
  • What temperature: High
  • What release: Natural release 8 minutes
  • This is the 6.5 QUART Ninja Foodi in this recipe

Ninja Foodi Artichokes

Alright, lets break down exactly how you use the Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker to make perfect tender artichoke leaves.

First add 1 cup of water and 1 tablespoon vinegar to your Ninja Foodi inner ceramic pot.

Now place your black Cook & Crisp pot inside the ceramic pot. 

Place both artichokes into black Cook & Crisp basket.

raw artichokes ready in pressure cooker basket

Sprinkle artichokes with lemon pepper seasoning (or garlic salt) o the top of the leaves.

Place 2 whole garlic cloves next to the artichokes inside the Cook & Crisp basket.

Close lid and seal.

Set pressure cooker on PRESSURE, HIGH, 10 Minutes.

Once time is up, natural release pressure cooker for 8 minutes more before quick releasing and opening up.

Cooked whole artichokes in a ninja foodi

Remove artichokes carefully with tongs.

Once cooled enough to eat, you can peel the artichoke leaves off, dip into garlic butter or mayo curry and enjoy!

Pressure Cooker Artichokes with leaves dipping in garlic butter sauce and ready to eat

Finding the Artichoke heart

Once the leaves are gone, you can cut out the heart, peel off the hair, and that leaves you with the center artichoke heart.  Artichokes hearts are often canned for meals like Braised Artichokes or fresh Spinach Artichoke Dip.

If you are still looking for other great ways to enjoy artichokes, make sure you try this amazing oven baked keto spinach artichoke dip or my crock pot spinach artichoke dip.

Get a Ninja Foodi All In One!

Do not have a Ninja Foodi yet? I LOVE mine. I bought an all in one steamer, air fryer, pressure cooker and slow cooker in one – eliminating my need for multiple kitchen items. I have found that this machine products the best results in an instant and having tested the Instant Pot, Vortex, and the Ninja Foodi, I ADORE this machine.

Get all my other Ninja Food Recipes here!

Make sure you check out my video and ask any questions below. I love to try new takes on my recipes, so please make sure to leave me a comment and tell me how you altered my recipe in your at home kitchen. Your feed back helps me make my recipes better!

4.80 from 24 votes

Pressure Cooked Artichokes (Ninja Foodi)

Cook Time 18 minutes
Total Time 18 minutes
Pressure cooking artichokes has never been easier! Using a Ninja Foodi or pressure cooker equivalent, this method of cooking artichokes will leave you with tender soft artichoke leaves perfect to dip into garlic butter or mayo curry. Enjoy this low carb, keto friendly and deliciously vegetable any time. A perfect vegetable side dish, to serve with steak, or simply eat alone. Once you understand the ease of making foolproof artichokes, never buy a canned artichoke again! Serve pressure cooked artichoke leaves with garlic butter or an aioli for a seriously surprisingly amazing dish. 


  • 2 whole garlic cloves
  • 1 tablespoon white vinegar
  • 1 cup of water
  • lemon pepper seasoning optional
  • 2 whole artichokes stems trimmed


  • Ninja Foodi Artichokes
  • First add 1 cup of water and 1 tablespoon vinegar to your Ninja Foodi inner ceramic pot. 
  • Now place your black Cook & Crisp pot inside the ceramic pot. 
  • Place both artichokes into black Cook & Crisp basket. 
  • Sprinkle artichokes with lemon pepper seasoning (or garlic salt) on the top of the leaves. 
  • Place 2 whole garlic cloves next to the artichokes inside the Cook & Crisp basket. 
  • Close lid and seal. 
  • Set pressure cooker on PRESSURE, HIGH, 10 Minutes. 
  • Once time is up, natural release pressure cooker for 8 minutes more before quick releasing and opening up. 
  • Remove artichokes carefully with tongs.
  • Once cooled enough to eat, you can peel the artichoke leaves off, dip into garlic butter or mayo curry and enjoy!



Which pressure cooker to use? 

Any pressure cooker will be fine and the two most popular cookers are the Instant Pot and the Ninja Foodi. Both are user friendly. 

Where is the artichoke heart?

The artichoke heart is in the center of the leaves. You will find a fuzzy part, this is known as the choke, and that is not edible. Once that is removed and all leaves are gone, you are left with the "heart". 

How to eat an artichoke? 

Peel each leaf and use your top teeth to gently pull off the artichoke flesh from the stem. The artichoke heart can be cut and eat directly. 

When are fresh artichokes in season? 

You can typically find artichokes in season from late March to May and its a great time to try artichoke recipes as they are plentiful and easy to find. Choose a tightly packed artichoke and trim any excess stems prior to adding to pressure cooker. 

What to dip artichoke leaves in? 

I like garlic butter (or regular melted butter), aioli, cucumber dip and ranch dip. 


Serving: 1 | Calories: 70kcal | Carbohydrates: 15g | Protein: 4g | Sodium: 184mg | Fiber: 7g | Sugar: 1g

Nutritional Disclaimer: The nutritional data provided here is auto-calculated and intended for your convenience only. As it’s generated via automation, its accuracy may be compromised. For precise nutritional insight, please compute the values utilizing the actual ingredients in your recipe through your chosen nutrition calculator or application.

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4.80 from 24 votes

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  1. I am curious to know why one adds the vinegar to the water when cooking the artichokes.

    1. Hi Ronda! I was always taught that adding a bit of vinegar to water (which doesnt alter the taste) helps keep the valves clean as the steam escapes. Therefore, I try to add it as long as the food isnt going in the water itself. If you do not want to add it, it wont change the recipe times.

    2. I want to try this, but have the 5 quart Ninja. Does a smaller pot alter the cooking time? I am a newbie to all of this!

    3. You should be fine!

  2. I love artichokes and this makes them so easy to cook. I was also curious about the vinegar and your response made perfect sense. My artichokes were delicious and perfectly cooked. I used Corn Shake on mine before cooking, omitted the garlic (just because I didnt have any fresh). THey were delicious. thank you!

    1. Ooh, what is corn shake? Ill have to google that one!

  3. Thank you for your guidance! My sister and daughter had been ragging on me for years to get a multicooker. I finally broke down and bought a Ninja Foodi, and so far, so good. I LOVE artichokes. Thank you so much for teaching me how to do them in the Foodi. I’ve tried the air fryer a few times, but this is the first time I have pressure cooked in the machine. My artichoke came out perfectly! The information about using the vinegar in the water is very interesting.

  4. I have made this recipe several times. It always comes out perfectly. The flavor is delicious, the leaves are tender, the artichoke heart is flavorful. There are only 5 ingredients with 10 minutes cooking time. Thank you for avoiding dairy.

    1. Trisha Haas says:

      Wonderful! So happy this pressure cooker artichoke recipe is a good fit for you. I appreciate your kind comment.


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