Cold Pasta Salad Ideas

Pasta Salad recipes come in all sorts of different ingredients and flavors, but some of the best are cold.

Easy to make ahead and fantastic for potlucks and holidays, our cold pasta salad recipes make gatherings filling and delicious.

Here are six classic ways we enjoy different types of cold pasta.

Only the Best BBQ Pasta Salads

Getting assigned the duty of bringing the pasta salad to the next get-together is a blessing! Typically inexpensive to make and easy to assemble, there is no doubt that pasta salads are the star of the plate.

Pea Pasta Salad

Our pea pasta salad recipe has undoubtedly made countless waves on Pinterest and online. Loved by our readers and a great recipe to customize, the combination of peas, cheese, red onions, and pasta is a worthy contender for the best salad of the year.

Chicken Pasta Salads

More like a meal, adding chicken to a pasta salad can be a great lunch choice. Lasting for days, these make-ahead chicken salad recipes are a perfect choice for a busy family where you can make and feast for days on end. Here are two recipes that already have chicken right in them.

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