TikTok Tortilla Wrap Hack

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TikTok Tortilla Wraps gave us permission to eat loads of specialized quesadillas this year. And once you learn how to fold a tortilla in four easy ways and smother with the best insides, you won’t be going back to 2 pieces of white bread any time soon.

One of the biggest TikTok Food Trends of the year was the magical Tortilla folding. This super easy viral trend made waves across the internet in influencer accounts everywhere and the triangle Tortilla fold was born.

Folding tortillas and easily pan-frying them became so popular that several food brands even put out custom-made tortillas that made for even easier folding.

It may not take a genius to do this fold but it WAS genius sharing how easy this TikTok trend was and for that we salute kitchen creators everywhere. Let’s get started!

tiktok tortilla trend

Overall, getting the tortilla right is super easy to wrap your head around. The tortilla is slit, ingredients separated into quadrants and folded onto one another for one triangle-filled tortilla.

Quesadilla Wrap Hack

While Mexican is the first thought out the gate (after all, it is a tortilla), this wrap hack can also be used to bring wraps to the next level, create custom folded egg and hash brown breakfast sandwiches or even to smother on Nutella and chocolate and enjoy a custom dessert.

This Food Trend is Delicious, Worth Making and will become part of your every week lunch menu quite easily!

Each quarter simple folds onto one another and we recommend leaving any filled cheese on the outside of the wrap and any veggies on the inside for proper heating.

Tortilla Wrap Hack Ideas

The best part of wrapping a tortilla is the ability to customize each personality in your own home. Create a “quesadilla” or tortilla wrap depending on each persons taste buds. This is one recipe idea that will keep giving all year long and be one of the best ways to create folded paninis.

wrap hack layers

Truly a hack to pass down from generation to generation as you train your kids how to cook.

  • Fruits – layer with Nutella or peanut butter and add cut up fruits like strawberries, blueberries and bananas.
  • Vegetables – Veggies can be added to any meat but also enjoyed on its own for a vegetarian friendly wrap.
  • Sandwich Wraps – Meat like deli meat, hamburger or pulled pork and a combo of sauces, herbs, and cheeses.
  • Dessert – Nutella and Bananas.
  • Mexican – Beef + Cheese, Chicken + Cheese + Guac. , the possibilities are endless.
  • Breakfast – Breakfast wraps are amazing so try a wrap with microwave sausage, cheese, and scrambled egg.
  • Leftovers – Add leftovers inside like honey buttered fried chicken, bang bang chicken, or tender air fried steak bites.

How to Fry up Sides of Folded Tortilla

Use a cast-iron pan, counter flat top grill or skillet. Additionally, if you have a panini press, that works great as well!

Layout the tortilla and cut a slit about halfway up of one side. That is all you need is ONE slit.

Cover each quadrant with a different ingredient and SLOWLY fold, starting from the bottom left, up, right, down, and done!

folding tortilla wrap from tiktok

Make Tortilla Pliable

Tortillas, especially store-bought ones over TikTok homemade flour tortillas, tend to harden up a bit in the fridge.

  • Microwave: Microwave flour tortilla to get an easier fold, just about 10 seconds or less is usually fine.
  • Skillet: Warm a skillet and fry both sides in a bit of butter FIRST before wrapping. This can also prevent the ingredients from falling out if you are doing a skillet basted tortilla wrap. Simple fry first, fold, and microwave to melt cheese.
folded tortilla wrap from tiktok

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