Types of Breakfast Casseroles

There is no doubt that breakfast casserole recipes are the best way to start the morning. But many people do not realize how many types of breakfast casseroles actually exist.

From delicious sweet fruit-layered casseroles smothered in frosting to make-ahead French toast casseroles and, of course, the ever-popular and easy egg breakfast casseroles, a hearty layered morning casserole is not only a breeze to prepare but worth waking up for.

types of breakfast casserole recipes.

Savory to Sweet: Breakfasts for Everyone!

Meat Lovers Casseroles

The most common meat in morning dishes is Italian sausage or breakfast sausage. While other meats can be used in these dishes (ground beef and ham pieces are typical), any meat can provide a more well-rounded and filling way to start the day.

Other types of breakfasts also incorporate meat by putting it on as a topping, like adding bacon pieces.

sausage breakfast casserole

Potato-Based Casserole

From diced potatoes to tater tots to the ever-popular hashbrown, potato-baked casserole dishes and hashes are a great way to feed a crowd.

Hashbrowns come in large volumes, take up much space as a base in a dish, and keep everyone full.

Super Cheesy Casseroles

While not all casseroles have cheese, nearly any can add flavorful cheese blends. Cheese for breakfast is included in almost all cultures, and it is no surprise that cheese breakfast casseroles excite people.

And while technically any of these recipes could fall under this category, we wanted to showcase a wonderful bake you may have not tried yet.

types of breakfast casserole recipes.

Vegetable-Based Casseroles

This type of recipe usually consists of either entirely vegetarian-based, skipping the meat, or can also include recipes considered an ultimate dish with combined veggies and meat.

These recipes typically include beans, tomatoes, and cheese and can be seasoned in any way you like. Vegetable based versions often have tex-mex or international cuisine mixed in as well.

cowboy casserole in a cast iron pan

Egg Casseroles

All casseroles have a binder, and in many of them, whether meat-based, potato-based, or vegetable-based, it is usually an egg mixture.

The most popular of all breakfast casseroles, the sausage egg hashbrown casserole, has a healthy serving of at least eight eggs in the mix. But since that is filed under our meat based dishes, here are 2 other egg casseroles that are also top winners.

amish breakfast casserole

Sweet Dessert and Fruit Casseroles

Sweet morning bakes are an excellent substitution for the typical pancakes, waffles, or donuts. Many of the sweet casseroles serve more as a side dish, especially for adults that prefer most of their plate be savory.

easily the best cinnamon roll casserole with icing and maple syrup.

This makes sweet breakfast casseroles a favorite among children and is often considered one of the most kid-friendly breakfasts. The great thing about these dessert casserole dishes is that they can be made with various fruit types.

And they don’t just have to be served at breakfast time, either. Sweet breakfast recipes also make great desserts for large-group events.

No matter what you are craving, there is no doubt that these amazing breakfast recipes will have you jumping out of bed holiday mornings.

And with prep ahead and overnight versions, it won’t be just to cook.