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Pokémon Hot Chocolate Bombs

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Chances are you have mastered the art of the hot chocolate bomb this past holiday season. And while adding new flavors is a ton of fun, the fact is you can get seriously creative with hot chocolate bombs!

If your kids are as OBSESSED as mine are about Pokémon, then a Pokémon-themed party with these adorable Poké Ball Pokémon Hot Chocolate Bombs is a perfect idea for your next get-together!

pokeball hot chocolate bombs by a mug

Why you will love making this Pokemon Dessert

If you missed the viral TikTok craze that was TikTok Cocoa Bombs, now’s your time to get caught up!  Chocolate Bombs are easy to make and super customizable inside and out.  They are essentially hollow balls of chocolate that melt open in hot beverages to expose a delicious center. 

What you put into them is just as fun as how you decorate them!  Combining red and white chocolate and stuffing with colored marshmallows is an easy to way to create a Poké Ball and delight the kids in your life!

Depending on the type of cocoa mix you use inside your cocoa bomb, you can use hot water, hot milk, or even your favorite milk alternative (I personally LOVE oat milk). 

Pour over your chocolate bomb and watch it burst open, or drop your bomb into the hot liquid and hold it under with a spoon until the hard chocolate shell dissolves. 

pouring hot milk on a hot chocolate bomb

Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

Whether you’re playing Pokémon Go or watching the anime, a Poké Ball is an essential element for catching Pokémon. 

When thrown at a Pokémon, these little spheres transform the creature into energy, capturing the Pokémon inside.  What could be cuter than turning these little energy orbs into a delicious and fun party snack?!


  • white candy melts
  • red candy melts
  • colorful marshmallows Jet puff brand calls them “funmallows”
  • chocolate chips
  • hot milk for serving
  • hot cocoa powder

Before you get started, you will need to have a silicone semi-circle mold on hand, this is the one we are using in this recipe.

melting chocolate, marshmallows and semi-circle bomb molds

Making Semi-Circle for Pokémon Hot Chocolate Bombs

The key to making these semicircle (spheres) for the Poké Ball is to work with ONE color at a time. While it may be temping to heat all the chocolate once, chocolate rehardens when cooling down and this is a process that requires patience.

Start with white chocolate and complete the mold and go back and then do the red.

Make sure to place molds (this is the mold we used) into the freezer to set.

hot chocolate bomb molds

What to put inside your Chocolate Poké Ball Bomb?

The typical Hot Chocolate Bomb center usually consists of hot cocoa powder and marshmallows. 

Inside a Poké Ball Bomb, though, I like to add mini-colored marshmallows.

Another idea is to add red, yellow, black, and white sprinkles and of course, yellow marshmallows for Pikachu. 

If Bulbasaur or Charizard is more of your species, change the marshmallows to purple or orange!  There really are so many marshmallow choices out there!

Colored M&M’s are fun to add to your Poké Ball as well.  Be sure to never include any items that aren’t edible, as they could be a choking hazard.

pokeball dropped into a mug with marshmallows

What kind of chocolate should I use to make my Poké Ball Bomb? 

I like using Chocomaker melting chocolate whenever I make Cocoa Bombs.  Ghirardelli also makes melting wafers in white chocolate. 

For the red chocolate halves, I haven’t come across many good options save for Wilton’s Chocolate Melts.  I have had trouble in the past using Wilton’s for my chocolate projects, so I tend to steer clear of these if there are other colored melting chocolate options.

The key to melting chocolate is to GO SLOW!!! 

Using too much heat will burn your chocolate

Melt a little at a time and stir often to avoid burning and ruining your chocolate!

Here is the mold link to amazon.

Sealing Pokemon Ball Halves

The cleanest way to seal semi-circle halves is to heat a non-stick pan on LOW and very carefully hold the edge to the pan for about 1-2 seconds to re-melt the edges and then stick on top of the other (filled) half.

Do not let the pan get too hot, and this does require being careful not to burn yourself.

sealing hot chocolate bombs

How do I decorate my Chocolate Poké Ball Bomb?

Once you’ve made your red and white halves, filled them, and sealed them shut, it’s time to add the finishing touches. 

The easiest way I’ve found to add the black stripe around the equator of the Pokeball Bomb is with fondant or melted chocolate.

pokemon hot chocolate bombs

There are hundreds of great ideas online for planning your next Pokémon-themed party! 

Here are a few of my favorites:

  1. Send out Pokémon themed invitations!
  2. Use colored sharpies on yellow balloons to make Pikachu.
  3. Make Pikachu cups by drawing on yellow paper party cups.
  4. Get a custom Pokémon Cake made with your favorite characters on top! This is just a test to the next line so i can fix the css.
  5. Play Pin the Tail on the Pikachu- a fun variation to the old party favorite.
  6. Smash a Pokémon Piñata.
pokemon hot chocolate bombs

How do I store Poké Ball Chocolate Bombs?  

Poké Ball Chocolate Bombs, like any chocolate bomb, should be stored in an airtight container in the fridge or freezer before use.  This will prevent the bombs from melting and spilling their contents. 

As long as the filling does not contain anything perishable, the bombs will last in the fridge (or freezer) for several months.

Some advice when it comes to making your own Chocolate Bombs:

  • Keep bombs in the fridge whenever possible as you work to avoid them melting on you!  Trust me; there’s nothing more annoying than having an almost-finished bomb and then ruining it by handling it too much and having it melt.  Keep bomb pieces in the fridge unless you are actively working with them.
  • Use gloves!  I’ve found that it’s easy to leave fingerprints on my bombs if I don’t wear gloves when I handle them.  Make sure the gloves you use are food-grade.
  • Keep candy melts dry!  Because most candy melts are oil-based, any water interaction will destroy the chocolate.
  • It’s not necessary to grease your silicone molds for easier release.  However, if you are having trouble removing the chocolate halves after they have been set, it can be made slightly easier by having individual molds.  You can simply cut your silicone mold tray down into individual pieces if desired and do it one at a time, which can give you more grip.

One more time, here are the molds we used in this recipe in case you do not have them. They are not easy to find at a local store.

pokeball hot chocolate bombs diy recipe Poké Ball
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Pokémon Hot Chocolate Bomb (Poké Ball)

Prep Time 20 minutes
Pokémon Hot Chocolate Bomb (also known as a Poké Ball) is easier to DIY at home than you think. Combining red and white melting chocolate, these hot chocolate cocoa balls come to life dropped into a hot milk. Perfect for a Pokémon party or just for some fun for Pokémon fans, the Poké Ball is easy to get creative with. Gamers will love this – sure to excite any Pokémon master in your life! 


  • Silicone Semi-Circle Molds


  • 1/2 bag bright white candy melts
  • 1/2 bag red candy melts
  • colorful marshmallows Jet puff brand calls them "funmallows"
  • 1 tbsp. chocolate chips
  • 1 cup  cup hot milk for serving
  • 1 tbsp. hot cocoa powder optional for more "chocolate" taste


  • Microwave one color candy melts at a time. Place into a microwave safe bowl and heat for 60 seconds on 50% powder. Stir and return to the microwave, repeating the process, stirring until chocolate is melted.
  • Divide chocolate into molds and spread evenly along the sides. Use about half of the chocolate. Remove the spoon from the bowl and set aside.
  • Repeat with the same color, adding a second layer of candy melts to the mold. Pop the mold in the freezer for 10 minutes.
  • Repeat process with second set of molds with the other color. Pop the mold in the freezer for 10 minutes.
  • Once chocolate semi-circles are fully hardened, carefully remove spheres from mold and set aside.
  • Heat a small pan over low heat.
  • Place mini colored marshmallows into one sphere and set aside.
  • Place the other color sphere onto the low heated pan to gently melt the edges (for about 1-2 seconds) and press spheres together. Set balls aside to harden. Repeat until all spheres are made. Place in freezer for 10 minutes.
  • Add chocolate chips in a resealable sandwich bag but do not seal shut. Microwave chocolate chips for 30 seconds at 50% powder and knead the bag until chocolate is melted.
  • Seal the bag and snip the tip of the bag. Use the chocolate to add a dollop of chocolate onto the seam of the spheres.
  • Add a single, whole, white candy melt. Gently press to affix.
  • Let stand to harden. Use the same chocolate to outline the ball. Repeat until all cocoa bombs are made. 
  • To make hot cocoa, heat milk until hot but not boiling.
  • Place bomb into a mug and pour milk over the bomb, melting it. Stir to melt completely and enjoy. 


  • Is Hot Cocoa Powder necessary? Adding hot cocoa powder is entirely optional as the Poke Balls themselves are made FROM chocolate. Its not necessary to add additional powder unless you want to. 
  • The red chocolate will dye the milk a pink/red color. 
  • Colored mini marshmallows work great but dehydrated marshmallows are also a lot of fun. 
  • To remove plastic smell from molds: Boil the molds to remove the smell prior to use. 


Serving: 6

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