Recipes for Dips To Dunk Your Chips (and Veggies!)

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Looking for recipes for dips? Look no further as we have collected over 10 of the best options for your upcoming must have dip menu, perfect for a crowd or just some late night munchies. Easy to make, dips can easily go from a side to a starter, or an appetizer to a main and with so many options, it’s not hard to find some favorites.

There really is no right time of the year to break out the dips.

While popular at holiday times and of course parties and football games, dips also make a great side dish. Combined with crisp fresh veggies, crunchy breads or your favorite chips, dips are a can’t go wrong option before, after, or during a meal.

No matter whether you are ready for some classic buffalo chicken dip (which can be used on these buffalo chicken nachos) or diving into Mexican night with guac and cheese, these amazing and delicious dip recipe options will be the star of the table.

onion dip

image courtesy of Viva Veltoro | Onion Dip Recipe

Recipes for Dips

Spinach Dip without Artichokes – Classic and creamy recipe for spinach dip served up in a bread bowl (instructions too!) GET RECIPE HERE

Granny’s Cream Cheese and Olive – Need a unique dip that will light up your taste buds? Go to grandma’s recipe for a creamy delicious option. Try with celery. GET RECIPE HERE

Warm Taco Dip with Refried Beans – Layers of re-fried beans, ground beef, salsa, fresh veggies and cheese make this dip a great one to serve year round! GET RECIPE HERE

Bacon Cheeseburger Dip– Mouthwatering dip covered in bacon, this is the ultimate football dip GET RECIPE HERE

Roasted Carrot Hummus – Smart way to get those veggies in, put in front of kids while they are watching their favorite movie for extra Vitamin A. GET RECIPE HERE

Onion Dip: You cannot go wrong with freshly used onions to create a dip that is so far from store bought, it will blow your mind GET RECIPE HERE

Cheesy Chicken Enchilada: A dip that tastes like a full course meal WITHOUT the work? Sign me up and get your late night snackage here! GET RECIPE HERE

Holy Guacamole Dip – You may have the cheese covered but not the guac! Bring both with this 30 second guac recipe that will pair perfectly with chips. GET RECIPE HERE

Queso Blanco Cheese Dip – This traditional queso blanco cheese dip proves there is nothing better than cheese, more cheese, jalapenos and green chilies GET RECIPE HERE

Pizza Dip – Grab those bread sticks, pizza dip in its own edible bowl is a meal you can practically serve on its own! GET RECIPE HERE

Hot Spinach Dip – A restaurant favorite, you can bring the guilt free home with you and enjoy couch side GET RECIPE HERE

French Onion Dip – Totally classic, this french onion dip is just right. GET RECIPE HERE

Three Cheese Dip – Cheese, Cheese, Cheese! This three cheese dip is for the cheese lover in you. GET RECIPE HERE

Tex Mex Bean Dip – Looking for a gluton free dip option? Fantastically layered in nothing but goodness, this recipe is for you GET RECIPE HERE

7 Layer Taco Dip – Cannot go wrong with a full delicious 7 layers of perfection! Nothing is left out! GET RECIPE HERE


Links and photos used with permission by respective bloggers. Please visit each page to download and make the recipe. Big thanks to these bloggers for providing us with a way to ruin our dinner with a fully tummy!

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I made the queso blanco cheese dip today. So much better than velvetta and rotel!


    Yum, I could eat it for dinner!!