5 Must-Try Trending TikTok Appetizer Recipes

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Incredible, edible TikTok! From cloud bread to feta pasta, there are 100s of amazing viral trending recipes to choose from. And with gas and fast food prices rising, it’s a good thing we all want to eat from home!

We are so excited to share five of the best, most loved, and most delicious appetizer recipes that TikTok is completely obsessing over.

You have undoubtedly seen desserts at dinners, but this list focuses on the most popular appetizers.

Perfect for serving as a summer fling through the fall football season, here are five of the best TikTok Trending Viral Appetizer Recipes

Boat Dip

Aptly named and easy to eat on a boat, boat dip is the 2022 summer dip of the year! Creamy and easy, this dip is a dump and adds to the cooler to be enjoyed all day long poolside.

The base is similar to a taco dip with Rotel and sour cream and can be fully loaded with toppings.

Get Boat Dip Recipe Here

taco seasoning, sour cream, and Rotel in a bowl.

Blueberry Brie

When you consider appetizers, brie may not be at the top of your list, but once you taste this rich, indulgent cheese, you will crave it constantly.

This recipe combines the sweet taste of blueberries and balances it with high-end brie, giving you a genuine reason to build a cheeseboard daily. 

Get the Fried Blueberry Brie Recipe here.

bread with blueberry brie.

Smoked Cream Cheese 

Made in the oven or on the grill, smoked cream cheese is smothered in delicious seasonings and spices and keeps everyone busy while the actual food is finishing up.

Perfect for not only crackers, pita chips, and bagel chips, this cream cheese dip also complements a variety of vegetables, keeping it carb-friendly.

Get the Smoked Cream Cheese Recipe Here.

smoked cream cheese in a dish.

Dorito Mozzarella Sticks

The air fryer has made its debut this year, becoming one of the most versatile kitchen gadgets ever. With air-fried desserts, snacks, dinners, and appetizers abound, there is no shortage of easy air-fried recipes.

These delicious homemade mozzarella sticks smothered in Doritos are a crazy good snack with a super crunch. This recipe can be made with any chip, Cheeto, or Frito, so get creative!

Get the Dorito Mozzarella Sticks Recipe Here.

pile of homemade mozzarella sticks with a side of ranch dressing.

Pickle Cookies

Pickles and cookies? No, really, pickle cookies! Throwback old-fashioned appetizers make a comeback every year as people discover that the food from our youth was that delicious.

These pickle cookies combine Ritz crackers, cheese, and pickles to create a plateful of addictive little finger foods. 

Get Pickle Cookie Recipe recipe here.

pickle cookies on a sheet pan from tiktok

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