Most Popular Viral TikTok Recipes of 2021

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When we started TikTok in 2018, we knew it was something special. While back then, it was primarily focused on dancing videos, thirst traps, and beautiful people, TikTok has transformed into something more. Including fantastic makeup skills, tutorials, celebrity gossip, and yes, recipes.

Recipes have been one of the most viral and trending content topics. Pushing grocery stores to run out of ingredients, amazon purchases, and even new TikTok Food-Themed restaurants, there is no shortage of short-form video influence appearing in our real life.

dipped strawberry.

Another reason food blew up in 2021? We have all been home since 2020.

More people shopping, baking, and cooking in at-home kitchens versus going out was a driving factor and will continue to be. Whether you saw these Viral Recipes in 2021 or are just seeing them now, here are the best food ideas to come out of the TikTok FYP of the entire year.

2021 Top Viral Food Recipes

  • TikTok Ramen: Who knew taking 50-cent Ramen noodles and adding spices and egg could be so indulgent? This new take on ramen noodles took the internet by storm and had everyone shamelessly stocking their pantry with noodles and broth.
  • Dalgona Coffee – A viral creamy dalgona coffee recipe whipped up the most beautiful coffee blends and had everyone pretending to be Starbucks in the kitchen. This whipped trend went on to include a whipped strawberry milk recipe and even whipped macha!

  • Baked Feta Pasta – Feta Pasta (so it is said) caused a nationwide shortage of feta as everyone ran to the store to add large blocks of feta cheese with rich tomatoes. This was one amazing viral dinner recipe that everyone loved!
  • Mini Pancakes – Time intensive, these mini pancakes inspired a considerable amount of “mini” food videos.
  • Cloud Bread – Everyone remembers the breaking open of the blue cloud bread on TikTok. Soon we were all trying to take whipped egg whites, coloring them, and baking them into the worst tasting bread ever. Really. It tastes terrible.
  • Hot Chocolate Bombs – This trend started on my other site, Salty Side Dish. We were the first ones to kick off an actual article on how to make hot chocolate cocoa bombs several years ago. As creators took the tutorial with their spins, we saw molded chocolate explode into themes. See how this influenced Tea bombs, Pokeman hot chocolate bombsChocolate Pinata’s, and even Valentines Day themed Smash Hearts.

  • Spicy Vodka Penne – Also known as the Gigi Hadid Pasta recipe, this spicy vodka penne was a quick dinner that tasted good. We approved of this trend.
  • Baked Oats – Everyone likes a quick dish, and this microwave-baked oats recipe was everywhere. The trend got so big that the oat part of baked oats took a backseat as this dish was smothered in fruit and chocolate chips.
  • Avocado Pudding – The year couldn’t go by without the Kardashians making a splash. The video of Kourtney Kardashian and TikTok’s own Addison Ray trying avocado pudding was a smash. Here is how to make avocado pudding from home.
  • Skittles Popcorn – One recipe I wish I could forget about this year was Skittles popcorn. With a slight of the hand, a user published a video that took a bag of Skittles and turned them into perfectly themed rainbow popcorn.

Want to see what else you missed during the FoodTok Pandemic? Try 2021 Viral Food TikToks You May Have Missed.

hitting tiny wooden mallet on chocolate piñata.

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