2021 Viral Food TikTok’s You May have Missed

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Even if you missed out on 2021’s most viral recipes, 2022 is just beginning, and there is still time to try the most trending, most viral recipes of the year.

While the recipes below are not the ones you may already know about, like hot chocolate cocoa bombs recipe, tiktok feta pasta recipe, and that crazy tiktok tortilla wrap hack, these recipes are viral ones in their own right you may have missed.

2021 viral tiktok food recipes.

Viral Dinners

Internet-famous dinner recipes that are so good they went viral. 

Air Fryer Steak Bites – No need to wait till dinner time for steak bites; the air fryer makes it a snap producing the most incredible and tender steak.

Crockpot Crack Chicken – Called “crack” as it’s so addicting, this slow cooker shredded chicken that is pummeled with cheese is a simple family meal without any real work.

TikTok Ramen Recipe – You never had Ramen like this! Toss away the old cup and water because this takes the basic ramen recipe to a new restaurant-quality level in just a few ingredient changes.

TikTok Mac and Cheese – You won’t believe how many types of cheese go into making this decadent creamy macaroni and cheese.

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tiktok ramen noodles in a bowl

Viral Side Dishes

Incredible side dish recipe hype on these top trendy side dish recipes that went viral in 2021.

Viral Crunchiest Potatoes Ever – This super crispy, super crunchy bite-sized potatoes are golden brown and produce the best and most deliciously satisfying crunch ever.

Pickle Cookies – You won’t believe how simple these old-fashioned pickle cookies are. Serve up as a satisfying snack or perfectly simple appetizer.

Air Fried Pita Bread – 2 million people can’t be wrong! It may have been quite a bit back, but the TikTok Pita Chips, crisped up in Zaatar (or pretty much any other seasoning) and fried in the air fryer, is the snack of your dreams.

pickle cookies on a sheet pan from tiktok

Viral Desserts

From sweet treats to fun tips, these viral dessert recipes create the most unforgettable and popular desserts of all time.

Hot Cocoa Dip – Certainly a shining star near the end of the year, this hot chocolate cocoa dip is a fluffy cloud of chocolaty marshmallow dip that goes amazing with graham crackers.

Rainbow Kettle Popcorn – Does the skittles popcorn work? Our step-by-step take on how to make bright and beautiful dessert popcorn in any color (without the burned pan).

Churro Chips – It only takes some flour tortillas and cinnamon sugar mixture to create a simple but incredibly addicting snack. Serve with Nutella for a real treat!

plate of star shaped cinnamon sugar nachos.

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