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20 Unforgettable Macaroni Side Dishes

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Macaroni Side Dish Recipes can be simple or complex, enjoyed cold or hot, and are some of the easiest and best ways to load up a dish for a party.

The Perfect Picnic Side Dish, macaroni salad, is the ideal side dish for a picnic in the park or a backyard barbecue. Or macaroni and cheese, where creamy texture and delicious flavor will surely be a hit at any gathering.

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Get Ready for Summer with These Mouth-Watering Macaroni Side Dishes

Serving easy macaroni dishes cold is a staple in every grandma’s house.

You cannot hit a picnic or a potluck without scoops of the good stuff. While not everything has traditional cheddar, getting the most out of the best side dishes for your summer is not always needed.

Look below for my favorite recipes that rock the cold macaroni dishes.

Old Fashioned Macaroni Salad| Salty Side Dish: Grandma will be proud of you! You (and she) will gobble up this traditional side dish, and even IF there are leftovers, they taste just as good the next day!

Amish Macaroni Salad: Salty Side Dish: This sugary sweet macaroni salad is peppered with crunchy veggies, making it an all-time classic macaroni side dish everyone will love.

Modern Macaroni Salad| Strength and Sunshine The crisp summer veggies are paired with grain-free and gluten-free pasta for an updated version of the once-classic-style macaroni salad.

Ranch Pasta Salad | Salty Side Dish: Looking for a ranch-inspired recipe for a pasta salad? This delicious recipe has spiral pasta, baby peas, carrots, and a to-die-for dressing. 

Tuna Macaroni Salad | Courtney’s Sweets: This is a great salad for your next family BBQ or potluck dinner. It is just a bit different in flavor, which will amaze those who sink their teeth into it. Try also tuna pasta salad!

Cold Vegetable Macaroni Salad| Salty Side Dish: Filled with lots of vegetables, this bright and bold macaroni salad pairs great with the potluck.

Buffalo Chicken Pasta Salad| Snappy Gourmet: Turn up the heat with this kicked-up buffalo cold pasta salad. You have that spice factor: celery, carrots, and blue cheese crumbles. 

Smoked Sausage Pasta Salad| Homemade Hooplah: Change things from the classic pepperoni or chicken in your pasta salad, and try this savory sausage pasta salad. Rich, vibrant flavors with a light dressing. 

Easy Brautwurst Pasta Salad| Blackberry Babe: Nothing beats a good bratwurst. Try this creamy and savory pasta salad that is a breeze to whip up. Serve it as a side dish at your next bbq, and watch it disappear. 

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Ultimate Guide to Delicious Hot Macaroni Sides for Your Next BBQ

Traditional mac and cheese is hot! Everyone loves a cheesy scoop of the world’s simplest way to feed your kids. But gone are the boring days of plain old powdered mac. You can dress up your macaroni noodles with bacon, garlic, or even a variety of shell changes to really bring the Yum to dinner.

Bacon Mac and Cheese| Dancing Through the Rain: In my world, bacon improves everything. I never skip over a scoop of macaroni and cheese, and this recipe adds bacon, so you know it just up the awesomeness by 10.

Instant Pot Creamy Macaroni and Cheese| Instant Pot Family Recipes: Just a few simple ingredients and quick cooking time will bring you homemade cheesy and creamy macaroni and cheese.

Mac and Cheese Cupcakes| The Suburban Mom: Create little macaroni and cheese cups using muffin tins for the perfect single-serve size for your family and friends.

Lightened-Up Creamy Mushroom Pasta| DIY Candy: This is a great pasta with a mushroom sauce that isn’t too heavy. Rich in flavor and great to pair with a pork dish or even chicken. 

Southwest Macaroni and Cheese| Blackberry Babe: Take a different path on flavors the next time you want macaroni and cheese. This has a different taste but in the right way. Green chilies, a southwest creamy cheese sauce, completely transform mac and cheese.

Vegan Pumpkin Pasta| V Nutrition: Don’t think pumpkin is only meant for pies and lattes. Try this super flavorful vegan pasta with a refreshing pumpkin sauce. Pumpkin is a super food, so indulge in this side dish.

Speedy Spinach Pesto Pasta| Healthy World Cuisine: This is one easy recipe to whip up that offers a stunning presentation when served up. This is a great side dish that might steal the show. 

Gigi Hadid Pasta | Salty Side Dish This is a viral pasta trend dish to serve up paired with some oven-baked chicken or another source of protein. This pasta is packed with creamy and rich flavors. 

Why Making Macaroni Salad just makes sense!

A Delicious Way to Add Variety to Meals: Macaroni Salad Recipes – Macaroni salad is a great way to mix up your meals. Whether you’re looking for a side dish to complete dinner or something different to snack on, macaroni salad is sure to satisfy.

Kid-Friendly and Nutritious: Macaroni Salad Recipes – Macaroni salads are a great way to get kids to eat more vegetables. With various colorful ingredients, these recipes are both nutritious and delicious.

A Versatile Dish for Easy Entertaining: Macaroni Salad Recipes – Macaroni salad is a great dish to serve when entertaining. It’s easy to make and can be customized with different toppings and ingredients.

Tasty and Filling: Macaroni Salad Recipes – Macaroni salad is a great quick lunch or dinner option. It’s filling, flavorful, and can be made ahead of time.

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20 Macaroni Side Dishes that are Unforgettable

20 delicious macaroni side dishes that are sure to make a lasting impression on your potluck, picnic, or dinner guests. From creamy mac and cheese to tasty macaroni salads and more, you'll find something to suit every taste. These macaroni dishes are easy to make, full of flavor, and guaranteed to be the talk of the dinner table. So, get ready to wow your family and friends with these unforgettable macaroni side dishes!

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