10 Amazing TikTok Recipes that WORK

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One thing we know is TikTok. After all, we started there just a few month after they made their transition from Musically to TikTok and got involved pretty quickly in the awesome short video content platform. While we do not do recipes often on our tiktok account, we do crafts and family content and have amassed 1.4 million awesome followers in our positive community. Other than creators, we are also followers. We love being inspired and trying out killer recipes, ideas and being influenced by others! 

Over the past year we have tried several super fun ideas here on SaltySideDish that originated on TikTok.

Here are 10 of our very favorite recipes, with step by step instructions, on how you can make them at home yourself. 

Just click on the link to go to the recipe for exact instructions!

Hot Chocolate Cocoa Bombs 

Chocolate Cocoa Bombs (or hot chocolate marshmallow bombs, your choice!)

is my own copycat recipe after discovering the awesome cocoa bombs were sold out at all the stores! Recreate your own at home and enjoy the truly chocolate mocha coffee or see the delight in your kids faces as the marshmallows pop out of their hot cocoa. If you prefer white chocolate, try these creamy white chocolate cocoa bombs that are perfect as “melting snowmen”!

hot chocolate bomb


5 Minute Booty Dip 

Looking for the Viral TikTok recipe for BOOTY DIP ? Look no further! This delicious chocolate chip dip with marshmallow fluff, whipped cream cheese, and creamy whipped topping, is a sugar loaded dessert dip that will have everyone clearing the bowl. 

booty dip recipe

TikTok Cloud Bread 

If you are on tiktok (like we are) you probably have come across this recipe for “cloud bread“. Super fluffy, fun to make and even more fun to cut into, this cloud bread can be made into any color or flavor. Consisting of 3 simple ingredients, here is how you make the tiktok cloud bread.

cloud bread

TikTok Rainbow Cloud Bread

Super fun, super fluffy Rainbow Cloud Bread, a tiktok viral recipe that your kids will adore helping with in the kitchen! All you need is egg whites, white sugar, and a bit of corn starch to let the magic begin!

rainbow cloud bread


Velveeta Queso Dip

This Delicious and Easy Queso dip can be made in the oven, on a grill, or in a smoker – and with Rotel, hamburger meat, cream cheese, and Velveeta, there is a reason why this combination became one of the most TikTok Viral Recipes of all time!

queso in a disposable tin


Strawberry Angel Food Cake Casserole

Layered Strawberry Angel Food Cake

 is the perfect dessert that feeds a hungry crowd ready for an explosion of flavor! Loads of strawberries, light fluffy angel food cake, and a creamy sweetened layer of whipped cream, make this a rich feel good dessert.

strawberry casserole shortcake


Creamy Strawberry and Oreo Ice Box Cake

Fresh strawberries and Oreo cookies

make a beautiful presentation but more importantly a fantastically sweet, easy, and no bake Strawberry ice box cake dessert.

Not quite ice cream, not quite cake, this super easy strawberry ice box cake recipe is made with a full pound of fresh strawberries, sweetened condensed milk and cool whip whipped topping that tastes divine.

strawberry ice box cake


TikTok Mini Cookies

These itty bitty cookie bites are teeny tiny and tons of fun. Easy to make, this inspirational recipe will show you the best way to dial down your favorite cookie recipe into a munchable bowl of mini cookies.

mini cookies

TikTok Dr. Pepper Dupe

Want to try the TikTok Viral Dr. Pepper recipe? Only 2 ingredients for this interesting (and a bit healthier with no calories) recipe hack. Tested and created – full recipe on the bottom of the post in an easy to print recipe card if you want to try it out!

dr pepper dupe


Cinnamon Snails

Adorable cinnamon snails are easily made from your favorite cinnamon rolls. Just follow the easy step by step instructions below and serve up cuteness this morning!

cinnamon snails



Thanks for visiting here on Salty Side Dish! If you have a recipe that you saw online that you want us to test in our kitchen and share if it works (or doesn’t), please comment and tell us about it! 


~Trisha and Charlotte

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