5 Best TikTok Dessert Recipes

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Looking for the best viral tiktok recipes to test in your house?

We have broken down 5 of the very best viral easy TikTok Desserts (and a few extra cause we couldn’t stop!), including links to step-by-step instructions and a video recipe right at your fingertips!

tiktok viral food collage

TikTok Hot Chocolate Cocoa Bombs

There is no doubt that Chocolate Cocoa Bombs are making the rounds for the second year in a row!

We blogged these nearly a year ago after discovering them at Target, and they have certainly been a popular food craft in the last part of the year.

No doubt people are looking for a fun food break (and chocolate), and I encourage you to jump on the melting chocolate bandwagon and give our step-by-step instructions (we were the first to publish them!) a try.

Additionally, since then, we have also blogged about Christmas cocoa bombs and melting snowman chocolate bombs.

Plus, make sure you read all the common chocolate bomb questions, like “What mold to buy for hot chocolate bombs?”

hot chocolate bomb

Chocolate Cocoa Bombs (or hot chocolate marshmallow bombs, your choice!) is my own copycat recipe after discovering the awesome cocoa bombs were sold out at all the stores! Recreate your own at home and enjoy the truly chocolate mocha coffee or see the delight in your kids faces as the marshmallows pop out of their hot cocoa. Recently, these hot chocolate cocoa bombs also went viral on TikTok – but they were here long before that. If you came from TikTok, welcome!

TikTok Booty Dip

We tried out this delicious “booty dip” after seeing it make the rounds, and it was quickly gobbled up at our first party (before COVID!), so we knew it was a keeper. 

Loads of sugar and worth every bite!

booty dip being dipped on a cookie

Looking for the Viral TikTok recipe for BOOTY DIP? Look no further! This delicious chocolate chip dip with marshmallow fluff, whipped cream cheese, and creamy whipped topping, is a sugar loaded dessert dip that will have everyone clearing the bowl. 

TikTok Oreo Mug Cake

Totally new to mug cakes, this Oreo mug cake got us hooked from the first time we heard “CRUNCH UP OREO’S.” A super fun, super easy tiktok recipe that kids will be eager to make.

tiktok mug with oreo cake

Learn how to make cake in one minute with this super fun viral TikTok Oreo Mug Cake Recipe. With only 2 ingredients, Oreo’s and Milk, you can be on your way to a party of one (in your mouth) with this dense, chocolatey, and rich mug cake.

TikTok Whipped Coffee

I always thought Starbucks was my favorite coffee until I discovered TikTok whipped Coffee, also known as Dalgona Coffee.

Easily altered with your favorite instant coffee blend, you may find yourself making coffee in your own kitchen a lot more often!

whipped coffee

There is a reason some recipes go viral! This delicious whipped coffee is a unique way to enjoy an after dinner dessert coffee. Control how creamy, sugary, or over the top coffee you get pretty easily with this step by step instruction on the famous TikTok recipe.

TikTok Cherry Cream Cheese Dump Cake

I’m not really sure there is a way to go wrong when you are talking about sweet cherries!

Even canned cherry pie filling is full of love and dumping, with a cookie crust and a cake topping making this cherry dump cake nearly perfection.

cherry chessman cookie casserole

Scores of sugary sweet cherries from canned pie filling, a cookie layered crust, and a topping of cake mix takes a traditional dump cake and dials it up to amazing.

TikTok White Chocolate Cocoa Bombs

This is one of our invention recipes! You can always find us on TikTok right here with our awesome interactive community!

white chocolate bomb

White chocolate is ultra decadent and so easy to work with – and as a bonus tastes delicious and delightful in a cup of hot cocoa. Plus, its perfect to make as a SNOWMAN BOMB!

TikTok Molten Lava Mug Cake

You didn’t think we could stop at just one mug cake, right? At only a minute or two to make, it’s a mug cake smorgasbord around here.

This deep, richly chocolate molten lava mug cake supplies some hidden EXTRA chocolate. 

tiktok mug with chocolate molten lava cake

Ooey, gooey, melty delicious rich chocolate molten lava mug cake can be yours to reach EVERY craving you have in just one minute! This tiktok viral recipe is perfection. Simple pantry ingredients, instantaneous satisfaction – this is truly one of my very favorite mug cake recipes ever!

TikTok Mini Chocolate Cookies

Mini, mini, mini!

Last year, mini was all the rage, from mini pancakes to mini cookies—the only problem is that once you start eating, you cannot stop!

Although I am unsure if that is the problem….here is a simple cookie hack that makes making cookies much more fun to bake and eat.

TikTok Creamy Strawberry and Oreo Ice Box Cake

A little goes a long way in this icebox cake. You won’t believe how good the Oreo Crust is…this recipe turned me right into an ice box cake fan!

ice box cke

Fresh strawberries and Oreo cookies make a beautiful presentation but more importantly a fantastically sweet, easy, and no bake Strawberry ice box cake dessert.

TikTok Pumpkin Pie Dump Cake

It’s the holiday season, and dump cakes are all the rage – dump and go dessert? WE ARE IN!

This dump cake combines incredible fall flavors into a less stressful pumpkin pie, thanks to the awesome stay-at-home mom chefs who recommended going this route.

pumpkin dump cake in a casserole dish

Pumpkin pie dump cake with spice cake and cream cheese frosting is a scoopable pumpkin pie dessert that will quickly become a fall favorite. Perfect for Thanksgiving and holiday meals, this is a dump and go dessert.

Bonus TikTok Recipe Fun

Because why stop there when it comes to TikTok recipes?

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