18 Delicious Keto Thanksgiving Sides

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Looking for Keto Side Dishes perfect for Thanksgiving? Whether you are preparing the meal or eating at someone else’s house, here are some keto Thanksgiving side dish recipes you can cook to help you reach your health goals.

Anyone on a Keto based meal plan knows how difficult the holiday season can be.

Many holiday meals are loaded with great tasting foods that are full of carbs and sugars. It becomes even more difficult to stick to the plan when you are eating with family that does not understand your dietary needs.

18 Delicious Keto Sides for Thanksgiving

While the main component of most holiday meals is a huge turkey, which is fine, the difficult part is the side dishes that go with that turkey.

So enjoy these Thanksgiving side dishes that are Keto friendly.

18 Delicious Keto Thanksgiving Sides

Low Carb/Sugar Free Jello Fluff Salad Recipe

Traditional jello salad recipes normally use cool whip as the base with shredded cheddar cheese. This recipe uses heavy cream and cottage cheese. These differences create a delicious side dish that is very low carb and sugar free. The texture is a big denser than most jello salads, but the taste is exceptional. This dessert will satisfy that sweet tooth craving yet is low carb and sugar free.

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Loaded Cauliflower Casserole

This baked cauliflower dish can be used in any holiday meal in place of the traditional potato side. Sour cream and cheese are mixed with cauliflower, baked, then topped with bacon and more cheese. The result is a side dish that is delicious and makes you feel like great about eating veggies.

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Chili Garlic Green Bean Recipe

Next is a simple, yet fantastic tasting side dish that would go well with just about any dinner. It contains only five ingredients, yet is delicious and satisfying. The chilies and garlic create a delicious flavor combination, and the end result looks very appealing.

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Maple Bacon Brussels Sprouts

The slight bitter taste of Brussels sprouts is balanced with the sweetness of caramelized onions and the awesomeness of bacon in this recipe. Let’s be honest – everything is better with bacon. This is an nice alternative to the everyday vegetable sides served with most holiday meals. 

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Potage Creme d’Epinards: A Velvety Cream of Spinach Soup

Another great Thanksgiving side dish ideas is soup! And this soup is simply flavored with onions and vegetable stock, yet it is so savory and delicious. It is a fantastic addition to any meal. The recipe as written is not 100% Keto due to the inclusion of a small amount of flour. Simply substitute almond flour if that is a concern for you.

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5 Ingredient Shredded Zucchini & Feta Sauté

Zucchini is a delicious and versatile food. The flavors of garlic and dill combine with that of the zucchini to create a delicious and keto friendly vegetable side for any meal. The addition of Feta cheese rounds out the textures and flavors.

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Baked Yellow Squash Noodles And Cheese

This is a keto friendly take on classic macaroni and cheese that uses yellow squash noodles and homemade cheese sauce. It will satisfy the craving for cheesy noodles that many people have from a young age. This goes well with just about any meal.

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The Best Shredded Cabbage Salad

Another great side dish idea is salad. This shredded cabbage salad is low carb, delicious, and very easy to make. The flavors of apples, onion, and lemon combine to create a fantastic salad. Total prep time is 15 minutes or less.

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Low Carb Paleo Cauliflower Stuffing Recipe for Thanksgiving

Cauliflower is often a go to replacement for the carbs in recipes, so why not for Thanksgiving stuffing. The flavor of stuffing comes from the spices used: hyme, sage, parsley, and poultry seasoning anyway. This stuffing can be served on the side or stuffed in the turkey.

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Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

Everything tastes better with bacon! This simple recipe turns asparagus into an awesome appetizer or side dish. As previously stated, bacon makes everything better. These spears can be baked, air fried, or grilled. Serve with sliced tomato for a beautiful and delicious dish.

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Paleo Keto Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipe

Use this recipe as a substitute for traditional stuffing on Thanksgiving. This one is very similar to a cornbread stuffing. It is a two step process, but the end result is well worth the effort. You make the keto “corn”bread first then make stuffing out of that “corn”bread. You can add things such as apples, bacon, or nuts to suit your taste. This is a delicious stuffing that will be a welcome addition to any holiday meal.

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Three Ingredient Puréed Cauliflower

This recipe produces pureed cauliflower with the taste and texture of mashed potatoes without all the carbs. It contains just three things: cauliflower, butter, and sea salt. So simple, yet so delicious. With a short prep time, this is a fast easy substitute for mashed potatoes at any meal.

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Roasted Miso Glazed Radishes (Asian Style)

Radishes are a crunchy, slightly spicy, delicious vegetable that are not often prepared as a side dish. This recipe combines their unique flavor with traditional Japanese ingredients. The result is a unique and delicious side dish that is full of unique color.

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Shaved Brussels Sprouts with Lemon and Toasted Almonds

There are lots of different textures with the brussels sprouts and crunchy almonds. It is based on sauteed brussel sprouts instead of the more common methods of preparation. It gives the sprouts a fresh, light flavor from the lemon and a salty kick from the coconut aminos. The Brussel sprouts remain a tad crunchy from being sauteed as well. This is a nice side dish for almost any meal. 

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Sugar Free Low Carb Cranberry Sauce

This is a traditional cranberry sauce recipe that uses artificial sweetener instead of sugar, While this produces a sauce that is different in color than most cranberry sauces, the taste is fantastic.

The added nuts really enhance the texture and taste of this sauce.

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Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Jalapenos

Jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese and cheddar cheese then wrapped with bacon. What can be better for a side dish? For even more kick, the recipe includes optional cajun seasoning. This is an ooey gooey, slightly spicy, delicious side dish.

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Spicy Spiralized Kohlrabi Slaw

Kohlrabi is a fantastically odd looking vegetable in the cabbage family. It tastes similar to turnips but with a different texture.This recipe is a delicious dish to make with this often overlooked vegetable. The flavor is slightly spicy with a familiar Asian slant. 

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Cajun Smothered Green Beans With Sausage

Some form of smothered green beans are a part of just about every meal in the south. This recipe adds a cajun Louisiana twist to this classic dish. The addition of sausage makes this a delicious side or even a one skillet meal. Potatoes are an optional part of this recipe depending on your preference.

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Holiday meals are famous for having a huge spread of food which can make it difficult to eat healthy. By choosing one or more of these Keto Thanksgiving recipes you can enjoy a holiday meal with your family while maintaining your Keto eating goals.

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