Choosing Easter Sides

Whether you are looking for Easter sides that can feed a crowd or simply a fantastic holiday side dish that complements Easter ham, we have the right recipe for you. From vegetable side dish recipes to fluff salads, Easter can be a snap with our easy-to-follow delicious side dishes.

I did not want to overwhelm you with hundreds of choices, making it even harder to get groceries and plan your menu. Instead, here are our top choices narrowed down, for the best Easter side dishes to complete your feast. 

ultimate easter side dish recipes, featuring pea salad.

Easter Morning Recipes: Breakfast Casserole

Like most holidays, everyone loves to start Sunday morning with a breakfast casserole. Many of our breakfast casserole recipes are prep-ahead, keeping your morning simple for the day’s festivities.

We recommend one of these three choices (also recommended by our readers): Sausage Hashbrown Casserole, our breakfast casserole with tater tots, or something sweet like Blueberry French Toast Casserole. Serve with a plate of cut-up fruit or make-ahead crockpot grits.

Appetizers for Easter Sunday

Appetizers are all about keeping everyone out of the kitchen. Putting out hearty appetizer recipes can stave off the crowd until main dishes are ready to go. We always recommend a raw vegetable and fruit tray with a selection of party dips.


  • Deviled Eggs
  • Raw Vegetable Tray
  • Raw Fruit Tray

Salad Side Dish Recipes for Easter Sunday

The best part of the meal (for us) is always the variety of side dish salads. Skip the bowl of lettuce and opt for some real flavor! If you can only pick a few to serve, our Pinterest comments love our pea salad recipe and show up year after year for it.

And because carrots are a classic choice for Easter Sunday, we also recommend the carrot salad.

Carrot Recipes for Easter

Undoubtedly, everyone considers carrot recipes for Easter Sunday meal planning. A delicious vegetable, raw or cooked, carrots bring a bright look to the plate and scream spring.

Green Bean Recipes for Easter

Need a second veggie? Green beans are our choice.

Potato Recipes for Easter

Move over mashed! Try one of these potato sides.

Other commonly served veggies on easter are cheesy asparagus, roasted cauliflower, brussels sprouts.

Fluff Salad Recipes for Easter Sunday

Fluff salads are borderline desserts for me. With Cool Whip topping and marshmallows, fluff salad recipes are so simple for kids who want to help in the kitchen.

Often made with canned fruit, these “dessert salads” get rave reviews next to salty, savory spreads like ham.

Easter Dessert Ideas

  • After all that food, if you still have room for dessert, here are some mouthwatering ways to serve up the sweet this Easter Sunday!
  • We love easy cobbler recipes, poke cake options, dump cakes, or you could easily purchase a premade pie. We